TITLE: Greymyr gets experience!
SUBMITTED The 30th day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: WormTounge

    Well we have already people have been leading the Greymyrs into Pubbleby, and one reason why they might do this is to gain some experience points themselves. One thing we do not already know is these beast can gain XP and ranks themselves!
    While healing some fallen in the temple the Grey wandered over looking for his next victim, me =(
    I was able to get out of his way and while trying to catch up he happened to bump into one of the trainers, Ankrus. As we all know this man is very useful after a hard days protecting the town. This fellow informed the Grey that he had over 500 ranks to spend!
    (Sensible people should ignore the following) Could it be that the person leading the Grey into town is really trying to get the Grey XPs?
    I was also able to get a better picture of the Range of the Greys small rock attack. The healer Rent-a-Hipppy was attempting to revive a very dead Smurf when she was hit by a small rock. This is a range of about 5 units (one unit being the height of a person, for lack of a better unit)
    --  WormTounge

TITLE: Death in the line of Duty
SUBMITTED: The 30th day of the 12th Month
AUTHOR: WormTounge

    As a citizen of Pubbleby one of my duties is the defence of the town, one that I currently am not very good at, one of the other duties I have taken on is the gathering of news of the attacks that might interest others in this small world of ours.
    To this end I was fortunate enough to get a picture of a Greymyr attacking the healers temple.
    The range of the Greymyrs small rocks has been talked about in the past and was described as not too great, here is a picture of a small rock being launched at me while I was attempting to revive a fellow exile. Of course in taking this picture I was killed as the equipment used to take the picture created a delay long enough for me to see the rock hitting my head.
    Shadow Sky, who cannot be seen in this picture because he is off the top of the screen moved only slightly forward after this so I could see his feet, the grey wound up his arm in an attempt to hit him we all watched helplessly as the rock sailed through the air hoping and praying that Shadow Sky would see the impending doom coming towards it before it was too late. Unfortunalty he was not, I was the only one able to see the death of Shadow Sky at this time so I relayed the news of his demise to the rest of my incapacitated friends below me. Hope was not lost. Grubs came in and took a swing at it. This was enough to lead the Grey out of the corridor in the healers temple and into the larger room and from there outside to its demise.
    Also I would like to thank the many people who have shown me the different parts of the Island and other places like Ash Island where I would not have had the courage to go for a long time yet. And of course all those who have given me money in any amounts big and small. =)
--  WormTounge

TITLE: Dopplegander
SUBMITTED The 28th day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: Merlisk

    Adventuring tonight has certainly been interesting.  While in the castle, one of Qual's pets, a Dopplegander dropped by to amuse us by copying our every move.

    However, the appearance of Qual was not so amusing.  Although he answered a few questions about who created the mirrors, he also summoned monsters to kill us.
    Note to all:  he stated that the mirrors were noisy and that when Vel'Qual comes, the mirrors will be destroyed. Also, he stated that we aren't using the mirrors like they were originally intended.  Hmm....curious.  What does he mean?
    When I asked how we could prevent or prepare for the arrival of Vel'Qual and its minions, he said that we couldn't.  We could only die.
    This conversation greatly distressed me.  However, I thought that we should all know of it.

Best regards....


TITLE: The Undarshak Report
SUBMITTED: The 28th day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: Mac-arena

    Well, I haven't noticed much out of the ordinary on my recent missions to Ash Island... but for one thing: there are NO DARSHAKS.
    Also don't forget my recent expedition where I stumbled into the Horde, and was swarmed by Darshaks and a few Wraiths. This combinations can mean only one thing: they are massing for and planning an attack.
    As for the Undine half of the island, I've noticed that there's nothing there but a few hooded, skeletal, and occasionally detached/faithless guards. Perhaps some plans are going on in the Dark Temple - where I also recently found a Darshak Liche. Darshak Liche. (note to the publisher: put "Darshak" in italics - <i> - on that last sentence.) Liches are the most powerful members of the Darshak force that I have yet seen in my life as an exile. And why are they in the Temple, and Wraiths in the Horde?
    Only one possibility: they are allies, and they are pooling their resources. They are building a very large army, which they intend to put to work. Already a few raids have been attempted on Puddleby - outside of the usual shipments to Wiktus.
    I have been leaving sketches of my ideas of what the buildings should look like at the shrine to the Great Joe. (OOC: I've been emailing them to him. ;) Hopefully, the Blacksmith will be complete soon, and we can get weapons the Darshaks have no experience in making and therefore - we can only hope - know little to nothing about. We also need an army - which I am organizing. We currently have 4 fighters and a healer, not including myself - certainly not enough to fight hundreds of Darshaks AND Undine.
    So I repeat my call - PLEASE talk to me about joining. Those properly qualified will be admitted on the spot. You need only be able to slaughter rats to join - this is the one qualification, as it shows you are up to the task. Remember that everyone will start out a Private. Thanks in advance for your enlistment, and your attention thus far.

TITLE: Rumors
SUBMITTED: 27th day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: Timberwolf

    I have been reading some of the Delta Tao scrolls while spending time studying in the library.  I've discovered a few things that I think most people would probably just overlook.  First though, I'd like to talk about Mac-Arena's articles and say that there never was any reason to believe that the Darshaks and Undine weren't in allegiance.  It says in the scrolls the ancients themselves have given us that the Darshaks have the ability to control the lesser undine.  This power may have grown within the past few months, but they've always had it.
    Secondly, I am greatly troubled about the new moonstones floating around Puddleby.  I have learned in my studying that the way the Darshak society works is through a transfer of energy from the lesser caste to the greater castes, and the way that they did this was through tainted moonstones that no-one knows weather they found or created.  The description of these stones fits the description of the new moonstones in puddleby and I fear that if we use them too much, we will lose our souls, just like the Darshak, or possibly even to the Darshak.  Please take caution with all of the new items you find, you never know what the intention of the item might be.

TITLE: "Sonnet"
SUBMITTED: The 26th Day of the 12th Month.
AUTHOR: Bizob, Scribe, Order of the White Elephant

    I have hunted with many an excellent exile since my arrival in Puddleby some time ago. What follows is a Sonnet,  composed for the friends I have made in the Arachnoid Cavern.

Twas long combat in the Arachnoid cavern
where many an exile fell, to give brief opposition
against the ever-increasing spawn of damnable creatures.
We never lost faith, yet, at every turn,
more of the cavern's ichor, in living composition
blocked our hasty retreat with hideous features
and serious threats to our mortality. We learn
the hard way, many of us, through hasty decision.
Yet we must, and rise to fight again, far-reachers
that we are, dreaming of ale from the tavern
when we return from the hunt, with a mission
to drown our shared horrors. Wise teachers
I have met, when returning from darkest places,
who have assisted many, and put smiles on many faces.
Thank you,
Bizob, Scribe, Order of the White Elephant
TITLE: "The Undine/Darshak Report #1"
SUBMITTED: The 24th day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: Mac-arena

    This will be, for the most part, a regular feature, for as long as I continue to get new info about the Darshak/Undine alliance.
    So on my latest recon mission, I saw 2 scouts and a thus (and later another thug), plug a corpse warrior and a detached/faithless. Perhaps they heard my rowing and crept from the campfire to ambush me.
    I didn't see much else, tho I did find an acolyte and several scouts/marines in the Outpost. All three in the small party I was with - including me - died, and we departed to land right back in Puddleby.
    The recruitment of the Queen's Army has been, for the most part, a success. We now have 4 fighters and 1 healer, excluding me. If you wish to enlist, talk to me, Pepin, or Deckard Cain (who recently arrived and is waiting to become a Mystic) and ask about joining the Army. Remember, it's not a clan, so your being in a clan already has no effect on whether or not you can enlist. Fighters must be capable of slaughtering rats, and healers should either be 1) a Lord or 2) capable of healing a person from death to perfect health in 5 minutes or less. Mystics (when they arrive) and Healers ARE welcome and needed, so if you want to help defend the Queen's honor and the rest of Puddleby against Darshaks, Undine, etc. please enlist right away.

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