TITLE: Followup: More news of the Undarshaks
SUBMITTED: 21st day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: Mac-Arena

    Well, I was recently on another of my reconnaissance missions to Ash Island and the Pirate's Cove to see what I could see.
    I found a Wraith (possibly of the Greater variety) wandering about the cove. I'm not sure what I was doing but I was soon spotted and pursued. I made my way to the Outpost, where I found nothing (tho axes were 600 coins, if only I had that much). Upon my return to the Cove I found that the Wraith had left, perhaps fearful of what would happen if his superiors and allies found he'd been seen. I checked the campfire and found nothing.
    On an earlier visit I found that the entire island had been pretty much deserted. I took a wrong turn into the Horde and found out particularly fast why. All (and I mean ALL) the Darshaks were in the Horde, along with several Wraiths/GW's. Maybe a meeting of some sort?
    The only other Undarshaks I found on that visit were near the Lake on Ash Island, where I ran into some Skeletals and Hooded Corpses. Reinforcements soon arrived, along with some Faithless/Detached Spirits, so I hotfooted it back to my boat and headed for familiar (and richer) ground.
    I shall continue to send in status reports, until an army has been amassed that quells the entire Undarshak threat once and for all. Whether Mobian or Puddlebian - or even both! - we need an army to defend our town. That is why I propose that on Thursday, at midnight PST, we all meet at the Fighter's Axe just between the Town Hall and jail in Town Center to organize the Army For the Defense of Queen Tara and Her Subjects in Puddleby. As you probably all know, John the Junkie, myself, and a few others elected Tara the Queen of Puddleby recently, and currently I am the Captain of the Queen's (one-zo) Army.
    We'll need both fighters and healers - and Mystics if they've arrived by then - for the Army, and only the best will be chosen from each profession. Technically the Army won't be a Clan, so anyone, Clan member or not, no matter the Clan, can join the Army if they are good enough.
    And anyone who is admitted into the Army will get free chigger blood ales at the Fighter's Axe for as long as they're in the Army... ;)

TITLE  An Interview with the Greymyr Chief
SUBMITTED: The 20th day of the 12th month

    Hello! Well, this may be old hat to many, but I found it fascinating. Inspired by some of the writings of Albion, I decided to perform some research of my own. I wandered deep into the ancient village of the Greymyr and bumped into this pleasant old fellow. He seemed quite amiable and willing to tell me some of his tale, so I sat on a small rock to listen.
    He spoke of many things, most of which were completely over my head, but I gathered enough from his ramblings to determine that the Greymyr are indeed something rather more than I had been given to understand as a typical resident of our fine little town. I grew ever more entranced by his manner of speech; it seemed almost as if time itself were grinding to a slow but inevitable halt. I realized (far, far too late) that he was casting some sort of hex upon me! I tried to rise and flee, being terrified, but was entirely unable to move!
    Just then, a group of Greymyr began to make lewd gestures at me: evidently, the small rock upon which I'd been so comfortably seated was an object of some significance in an ancient game they were playing. The Greymyr players had other similar rocks and were tossing them back and forth between themselves. They seemed to want me to pick up and throw the "small" rock to them. Unable to move in the slightest, of course I was unable to comply. Seemingly playfully, they tried to include me in their game by tossing one of their rocks to me. The resulting impact was rather painful.
    I tried to inform them that their Chief and I were trying to engage in a civilised conversation but of course I was also (being held captive by their Chief's spell) entirely unable to speak. Needless to say, they would have none of it and seemed to assume that my failure to catch the stone was simply evidence of my clumsiness (a peculiarity I seem to have developed some renown for even amongst those Puddlebyans who know me) and tossed another to me.
    And the rest is perhaps too familiar: "Karg has fallen to a small rock in the Greymyr Village." I appealed from my newly inelegant position to the Chief for some assistance but he seemed at that point too engrossed in the game to offer anything but a slightly bemused smirk.

For the Honor of the Clan, I continue to explore (and die),

TITLE: Who's been leading the Greymyr into Puddleby?
SUBMITTED: The 16th day of the 12th Month
AUTHOR: Mac-Arena

    By now I'm probably infamous for my rants about the Undarshaks. Now I bring you another shocking revelation: I think I may have found out who's been leading the Greymyr into town!
    I saw him leading a grey west - *west* - in the first screen o' the E forest earlier on a wood hunt. Next I saw him in the E field - 1 west from E forest - along with that same greymyr. Something tells me that's more than coincidence.
    So I ask that you curse Krandor for his evil deed and join me in shunning him. Refuse him heals, even after he shares. Even, if your clan allows it or you are not a member of one, lead him into one of his toys should the opportunity arise, and again refuse him a heal. I do hope this public outpouring of disgust will discourage him from his dastardly ways. Thank you.

TITLE: More news of the Undarshaks
SUBMITTED: the 16th day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: Mac-Arena

    I have yet more evidence that the Darshaks and Undine are working together.

    First off, there's the letter found on the Sylvan corpse. Particularly, the passage that reads:

     >The Darshaks are now asking for 25,000 coins to perform another full raid
     >of Puddleby, 35,000 if we wish to have them bring Wraiths and other Undine.

    ...as well as the previous raid that had Skeletals as well as Darshaks.
    This has happened in the recent past as well.
    Second, upon a lone visit to the Pirate's Cove to see what I could find, I noticed a Hooded Corpse wandering about the Cove. Need any more proof that land is part of their alliance?
    Third, on that same visit, I noticed that there are *marked* trails to and from the Dark Temple area. Would enemies have trails to each others' territory marked? I doubt it.
    If you know of any other evidence of the Darshak/Undine alliance, please send a note to the mailbox marked macrulez@beer.softhome.net.

TITLE: "I am alive..."
SUBMITTED: The 15th day of the 12th month

    Well yes, I am alive and Oracle, Telar, Hanako, dora and Priapus are dead.  You see, I am usually the one people are trying to heal. Actually, it was all luck of the Zo that I was alive.  With 25-30 big, hungry Myrms hanging around - I thought we were as dead as a a three legged Starbuck trying to run though Puddleby.  I decided the only valuable thing this Zo could offer to this group was not his fighting skills, it was my Sun Stone!  After sending out a few cries for help to the town - the Queens room was filled with the best Puddleby had to offer.  Many fought and healed bravely and at no time was it an easy fight.  At one point we almost had to call for more help.  Soon, the room was rid of Myrms and filled with happy exiles and dancing soon commenced.  Although this is not the most entertaining tale - it gives hope to those of you that feel like your always the one in trouble. Your time will come..  be prepared and be strong.  Thank thee to those that came to help us.

Your Friend,

Iko Iko

TITLE: untitle
SUBMITTED: The 15th day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: Mac-Arena

    Let me start off by saying that there was a greymyr in the East Field, and I was leading it into the town so I could dump it in the pen where it couldn't hurt anyone (unless of course they were suicidal and went INTO the pen).
    So, I had my healer stationed at the top-left corner of the pen to keep the one grey that was already in there where it was. I went into EF and at great risk to myself, found the grey and led it into town. That's when the corpse warrior appeared. It looked like most, but as I was to find out, I would be very wrong to think it a normal CW.
    The grey-leading part went fine, but the CW behaved very oddly. At first it went for me, then did a 180. I thought someone else was passing by on the main road to the E (I had gotten to town center by then), but then the CW immediately headed BACK for me! (If you think about it, this really isn't how it should happen, unless the other person has a wagon to catch or something.)
    Anyway, once I got out of the pen, it headed north - straight into a small crowd of people. 3 died to it, but not because they were weak - in fact, most of them were fairly experienced. You see, the weird part about this CW was that it could strike 10 times in the time it'd take you swing once. You had to hit it from the side as it headed for someone else to take it out safely, which was done swiftly.
    I believe the Ancients were controlling this CW, as punishment for my deed in leading the grey to the pen. Perhaps now they think I'm the one who's been leading them into town but not dumping them in the pen - which is false.
    OOC: Oh and one other thing - beware of Hybrid/Bison. I believe he's been stealing chars. Recently, Lady Mystique (or someone using her char) was using her text balloons to impede fighting between fighters and monsters. I killed her in the Arena for it (sucker-punched, really - but I maintain that she earned it) and Bison sunstoned me, saying to "get back here you coward". LM and I were the only ones in the Arena or on Thieve's Island, and you can't sunstone when dead, so the only way Bison could have known would have been to see the "Lady Mystique has fallen to Mac-arena in the Arena." scroll by - but then, how would he know of the sucker-punch?

TITLE: "The Third Challenge of Dun'ilsar"
SUBMITTED: On the 13th day of the 12th month.
AUTHOR: Marcus Antonius, Toisech of the Brotherhood of Independents

(76th day of autumn in the 614th year of the Ascendancy)

Glory to the Clans!

    For the third Dun'ilsar the Brotherhood of Independents challenged E'las Loth'mon Ferindril to an arena battle and a money hunt. Needless to say, as planned, ELF picked the money hunt.
    Unfortunately ELF agreed to Sunday at 10pm PST and thought they had agreed to Saturday at that time - BoI scrambled to accomodate, but was unable to locate any clan healers in time. As it was both sides were able to make a good turnout on Sunday at the appointed time in the Inn of the Purple Tor.
    7 ELF members showed up to attempt to face down 8 members of the BoI. MarkusWelby served to hold our purses while we hunted.
    At 11 minutes after the hour both clans left the Inn and headed east with some members splitting off to hunt solo, and others racing ahead. We ran past stunned exiles in the east field and strangely enough both clans ended up at the north pass.
    Some of BoI stayed in the passes and Greymyr Village, while some hunted solo or harassed ELF. Cygnus in particular helped delay ELF in rescuing Miltiades in the East Forest despite Chum giving away his location.
    Tara, strangely enough, tried to solo a few Wendeckas and apparantly an Orga Berzerk. Devil found time to dance in a Night Wendy's Entrails.

    With about 5 minutes left both clans started to head back to the Inn.
    On returning to the Inn congratulations and condolences were offered as BoI easily defeated ELF with 1597 coins to ELF's 487. A good effort from both clans.
    Next week: Rising Claw is expected to challenge the Brotherhood of Independents.
    Marcus Antonius and Wisher would like to dedicate our efforts in this challenge to Da'heb Shaar.
    Dun'ilsar is a weekly clan competition formed to promote friendly rivalry and interaction between the clans of Puddleby.  Currently only the Brotherhood of Independents, the Clan of the Rising Claw, and E'las Loth'mon Ferindril have stepped forward to defend the honor of their clans. Those interested in finding out more or having their clan join should look at the scrolls at http://www.cco.caltech.edu/~barrick/DI/DI.html
TITLE: untitled
DISCOVERED: 12th day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: G. Spachi

    This may be a hoax, it may be the truth. All I know is that this letter was found amongst the burnt remains of a Sylvan, following a recent drake attack:

"TO: Inquisitor Tai'rahn Doth
c/o Monitor House Seybrith, Sar'Quaal
On the 69th day of Autumn in the 614th Glorious year of the Ascension.

Dear Noble Sir:

    I applogize for the delay in my latest report, but much has been happening here in Puddleby.
    Our plan to create paranoia amongst the exiles is beginning to bear fruit. A naiive young lady published a list containing the names of a "Secret Ruling Council." The list contained some of the names you suggested and some that seem to have been unlucky enough to fit our purposes: B1, C12, J8, L6, M9, B4. Somehow a few others including H12 somehow made the list.
    B1 and C7 in particular may be greatly hurt by this mention, as we desired. I will try to play up their incusion in this list. It is unfortunate that I was unable to inspire any mention of B3, A1, A4 or F5 to appear on this list - they and their clans my be the greatest outstanding threats to maintaining exile. I was hoping that having L6 put about as being on this secret council would by default include A4 - apparantly that connection was missed.
    It may be unfortunate that J8 made the list. I had heard him referred to as "King of the Bunnies" - some sort of insult. I also heard someone state to general approval that "he couldn't lead a group out of a room with one door if he had a map and compass." I think I will try to play this down so as not to hurt our credibility in this matter.
    I will continue with our efforts in this area.
    * Our support of the "Cult of Mai" seems to be paying dividends. Gaia seems to be growing weaker by the day.
    We should be able to have the Darshaks move against her openly soon.
    I have some additional plans for the Darshaks - your idea of using them to keep the Exiles trapped was brilliant. If you can send me another 250,000 coins I should be able to keep the Darshaks busy for the next month. The good money they are getting seems to be attracting them from other outposts, thus also helping reduce raids on the Ascendancy proper.
    I have recently paid the Darshaks 3000 coins to plant some wood-worms in the Temple and Mystic Acadamy building sites. Unfortunately they seem to have bungled the effort - they do promise to try again.
    The Darshaks are now asking for 25,000 coins to perform another full raid of Puddleby, 35,000 if we wish to have them bring Wraiths and other Undine.
    I plan to offer them 50,000 if they can also bring some Drakes, Orga, and Arachnoids.
    I will require the monies soonest - please try to include them with one of the next shipments of exiles.

Your humble servant.
Inquisitor Minor, Kethas Riaane

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