TITLE: "The Third Challenge of Dun'ilsar"
SUBMITTED: On the 13th day of the 12th month.
AUTHOR: Marcus Antonius, Toisech of the Brotherhood of Independents

(76th day of autumn in the 614th year of the Ascendancy)

Glory to the Clans!

    For the third Dun'ilsar the Brotherhood of Independents challenged E'las Loth'mon Ferindril to an arena battle and a money hunt. Needless to say, as planned, ELF picked the money hunt.
    Unfortunately ELF agreed to Sunday at 10pm PST and thought they had agreed to Saturday at that time - BoI scrambled to accomodate, but was unable to locate any clan healers in time. As it was both sides were able to make a good turnout on Sunday at the appointed time in the Inn of the Purple Tor.
    7 ELF members showed up to attempt to face down 8 members of the BoI. MarkusWelby served to hold our purses while we hunted.
    At 11 minutes after the hour both clans left the Inn and headed east with some members splitting off to hunt solo, and others racing ahead. We ran past stunned exiles in the east field and strangely enough both clans ended up at the north pass.
    Some of BoI stayed in the passes and Greymyr Village, while some hunted solo or harassed ELF. Cygnus in particular helped delay ELF in rescuing Miltiades in the East Forest despite Chum giving away his location.
    Tara, strangely enough, tried to solo a few Wendeckas and apparantly an Orga Berzerk. Devil found time to dance in a Night Wendy's Entrails.

    With about 5 minutes left both clans started to head back to the Inn.
    On returning to the Inn congratulations and condolences were offered as BoI easily defeated ELF with 1597 coins to ELF's 487. A good effort from both clans.
    Next week: Rising Claw is expected to challenge the Brotherhood of Independents.
    Marcus Antonius and Wisher would like to dedicate our efforts in this challenge to Da'heb Shaar.
    Dun'ilsar is a weekly clan competition formed to promote friendly rivalry and interaction between the clans of Puddleby.  Currently only the Brotherhood of Independents, the Clan of the Rising Claw, and E'las Loth'mon Ferindril have stepped forward to defend the honor of their clans. Those interested in finding out more or having their clan join should look at the scrolls.

TITLE: Merlisk's Quest for a Sunstone
SUBMITTED: The 12th day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: Merlisk

    What a day.  I decided to help and heal a few in the hive, but to my surprise, I found myself participating in an assault on the Queen's Room!  Wow!  We were in the first wave and were continuously assaulted by the Queen's personal guards.

    While engaged in this terrible battle, Pauly said something that stuck with me "one of you could sunstone for help."   Hmmm....I've heard about these miraculous stones that transmit thoughts, but I never could acquire one.  Later, while severely crushed by the Queen Myrm, I thought more about this.

    After a daring rescue by Polerand and Sassy (amongst many others! - special thanks to Malkor), I decided to join a brave group of adventures.  Kclepi, Blade X, Ziff Rengar, Lumpy, and I set out on an adventure to the heart of the Wendecka land.  With Greymyrs stalking our every move, we traveled for days, only resting while taking turns sleeping.

    Several of them fell to the pounding fists of the Wendeckas, but my humble healing skills was enough to bring them back.  It was an arduous but rewarding adventure. After what seemed like an eternity, I collected enough for a sunstone (with multiple generous donations by all involved!)  But, could we make the adventure to find a sunstone?  After wandering the Tanglewood, we finally found Elendil Fa'ril hidden behind a beautiful and ancient tree.  I bargained hard, but I was unable to get a sunstone for less than 1540 coins.  By the Ancients, I could barely afford it, but I willingly paid the price!

    So to all fellow exiles, I can only say that you must follow your dreams.  Make many friends along the way because they are the true measure of your worth.

Take care.  Risk all but be wise.

TITLE: "Please Read"
SUBMITTED: The 12th day of the 12th month

    I've noticed that many of you fighters have not been sharing your  healers. So in this article I enclose two messages:
    To fighters: Please share your healers. It's practically the only way we  get exp, and you get a 1% bonus for each healer you share.
    To healers: Do like I and many others do and give the sharing precedence.  It seems like this is the only way fighters are going to learn.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

TITLE: "Anceint humor"
SUBMITTED: The 10th day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: Forgoten

Greetings and Salutations,

    I am writing this to you for your entertainment.  Yesterday while entertaining a small crowd in town square, by pretending to be a Greymyr, I was turned into a slug by Mai, I believe.  As you can see in  the pictures, which were not altered, I was infact a slug.  I was quite  confused at first not knowing what was happening, but I quickly made the  best of it and continued entertaining the crowd.  Contrary to what Drew  said I was quite content being a slug, even if I couldn't speak.  After  a short while I, regretfully, turned back to normal, and finally got  paid a coin for my "show".  Ultimately it was a most interesting day

----Forgoten your local jester

TITLE: Arod's Tale
SUBMITTED: the 10th day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: Arod, Healer of Puddleby

    I am dictating this to a human scribe, as we People have little patience for writing. This is being written for the benefit of other weak-minded races who rely on such things to remember their tales of note.
    As an exile, I have had many adventures. Here I tell of two rescues and a nightmare.
    I fell asleep one evening, with a full belly. Perhaps too full. Or it is possible the Starbuck liver I had dined on earlier did not agree with me. Whatever the case, I had a terrible, terrible dream. It began with shouts of Unicorns and Drakes surrounding Puddleby. I woke, or so I thought in my dream, only to find the town jammed with exiles, many more than I have ever seen before in one place. I skirted the crowd. Many people shouted, and more were using their mystical sun stones to communicate their thoughts to others. It was a torrent that left me reeling. Then the nightmare truly began.
    Stone fists grew out of the ground and drew us to an awful place (as you can see here in this drawing). There beings of tremendous power slew us one by one. It was all the more terrifying to be caught in a spell of lassitude. Everything moved in slow motion. Soon it seemed we were doomed to bleed forever in this pit of damnation, when in the manner of dreams we all stood again, healthy and hale. Unfortunately the spell of slowness was still in effect. One by one we fell to the huge claws of our attackers. I felt the pain of my wounds as if they were real.
    Eventually, the nightmare ended. When I awoke, I felt quite edified by the dream. I am certain never to venture into such an abyss.
    Disturbed by my dream, I awoke and wandered far to the east, where I rarely go alone. I found the mountains and turned south, soon discovering a wide avenue to the east that lead into the mountains. I was later told this is the South Pass, but at that time I was lost. Many creatures were there, most dire a great flock of Bloodhawks which harried me mercilessly. In my wandering I spotted a fallen exile, Kclepi. I heard a shout for Skye, and I could only imagine that the noble Skye had also fallen. Concerned, I tried to rescue them immediately, but was quickly chased back to Puddleby.
    There I recruited a team of rescuers. Unfortunately, I was the only healer among them. I must admit I neglect my study of the healing arts, which made this situation even less ideal. With proper tactics, however, I was certain a rescue could be made. We would need to run, eschew combat, and upon arriving at Skye's side, I would have to heal him quickly while others distracted the creatures in the area.
    Unfortunately, it proved impossible to restrain the members of my rescue team from engaging creatures in combat. By the time we reached the mountains, accompanied by Kclepi who had been raised, Ard Ri who served well as a "sweeper," making sure he was last of the rescue party as we travelled (preventing stragglers), and the doughty but somewhat hare-brained Ananna, we had already fought much. Time was passing, and I couldn't help but think of the noble Skye, mortally wounded and passing the time by watching the clouds go by. Entering the mountains, we continued to fight, despite the entreaties of wiser rescuers, and when we reached the stony valley where Skye had fallen, almost all of us had a number of wounds.
    The inevitable happened. One by one, we fell to Wendeckas and Night Wendeckas. I was set upon while attempting to heal Skye's many wounds and was finally struck down. There we lay, staring at the clouds. What should we do, we wondered?
    Then, wonder of wonders, the Stag appeared. I have provided his likeness here. He was accompanied by a strange lion, which seemed to attack Wendeckas, as pictured, with his mighty claws. After much running to and fro, the Stag eventually healed the wounds of some of the fallen. That plus the arrival of other rescuers turned the balance, and we managed to escape the mountains and return to Puddleby.
    Later that day, a strange thing happened. Some sort of self-proclaimed wizard appeared in Puddleby. He declared he was seeking Martlett. His touch was deadly, and he felled many in his search. Eventually he found Martlet and made off with him, along with two other exiles. Soon he reported, via his sun stone, that he was in an area he'd never seen before. It wasn't long before I'd gathered a hunting party: if Martlet had been taken away from us, we would regain him! In the meantime, I exchanged hard thoughts with Qual, and soon found myself...transformed. Much to my embarrassment, I could not speak, except to say "glub glub." Luckily, this transformation was short-lived.
    Hearing from Martlet that a beach he had found was obviously on the west side of an island, I lead a small team of hunters to the south beach area, in the hopes that we might be able to find him. Luckily, Martlet and his fellow kidnappees found their own way out of their predicament, appearing out of the rocks just as we arrived. Unfortunately, we could not find a way to travel south.
    My human scribe appears tired, so I will end this tale of a nightmare and two rescues. There are some lessons here to be learned, however. When rescuing, avoid fighting unless there is plenty of healing available! Meddle in the affairs of the powerful at your own risk! And finally: there is nothing on this island that our concerted effort cannot affect. When many said "why search for Martlet?"  a few brave souls stepped forward to assist. This assertiveness is the soul of adventuring...and I am certain it is this spirit that will in the end save us all.

Arod, Healer of Puddleby

TITLE: My theories on the Undarshaks
SUBMITTED: The 10th day of the 12th month.
Autho Mac-Arena

    Yes, I know the headline is odd, but it will make sense in a minute. (I hope.)
    It is my belief that the undine and the darshaks are working together.
    Couldn't fathom that? Lemme say it again:
    It is my belief that the undine and the darshaks are working together.
    Think about it. First off, Wiktus at regular times has darshaks in his hut. My theory there is that he is getting shipment. The Ancients, in texts available to the public, have already acknowledged the darshaks' slaves. Hmm, I wonder what those slaves are making?...
    Second, the undine are practically invulnerable. It takes a really experienced fighter to defeat a corpse warrior. Hooded are not much easier. Who wouldn't want that kinda force as their ally?
    Third, those aforementioned weapons could be very beneficial to the undine. Currently, they're unarmed, and attack by brute force (of which they have much). With a sword or something in hand, an undine could rip  thru you like a hot knife thru butter.
    And fourth, have you ever seen the secret passageways that go from the  Dark Temple to the Darshak Horde and Outpost? Would enemies have  something like that - marked, no less - to find their way from one side's  camp to the other, that both sides knew about (the marking ARE prominent)?
    It takes no genius to figure out from the above evidence that the term  Undarshaks is most likely well-founded. If true, we had better hope that  blacksmith being built in North Puddleby comes soon, for we'll need every  able-bodied person and sharp weapon we can muster.

TITLE: Rantings of a merchant
SUBMITTED: The 8th day of the 12th Month
AUTHOR: Dah'eb Shaar

Greetings fellow clanners!

    As many of you who know me might have noticed, I've recently started a business.  The philosophy is simple: to provide quality service and fine goods from hard to reach places.  I'd much rather brave Tangle Wood myself than give directions to some poor fellow only to see him fall and depart a few times before reaching his goal.
    In the few days that I've been practicing this trade, however, I've noted a few things that are missing in our good old Puddleby, and a few reactions that suggest some explanations are in order.
    First of all, ever since I've started the business, I've been feeling like a shady dealer, selling on the fly from his pack.  I'd love to be able to rent a stall in a marketplace and display my wares, rather than walk around town and selling from my pack.  Alas, that is not an option currently, but I hope the powers that be in Puddleby consider the suggestion for a marketplace.  I would be willing to pay a fair price for renting a stall.  The Purple Tor Inn seems to have made a successful business out of renting private rooms, so it can be done.
    Second, I should clarify my position and philosophy as a merchant.
    I am a fashion merchant, not an arms dealer.  I deal in things pleasant to the eye, not in those meant to pry it out of unsuspecting orgas.  Although I carry an axe and am quite capable of defending myself, I do not sell them.  So if you want to buy weapons, go find somebody else.  On the other hand, if you want a custom tailored pair of brilliant gold pants, or a lavish green velvet skirt, I'm your man.
    There has been some outcry from people about my asking prices.  "That's an exorbitant markup!" - they cry.  "I can get those for much less from <insert favorite clothes seller location here>" - they say.  Well, you're more than welcome to go there and get them.  And if you manage to stay alive through the whole process, more power to you.  But I have to make some profit for my troubles.  I've worked hard to be skilled enough to obtain some of these clothes, and to be strong enough to survive the trip for procuring some others.
    Besides, those asking prices are just that - _asking_ prices.  You're free to bargain.  Go ahead.  Make an offer and I might meet you half way.  Tell me the sap story of the recently deceased aunt whose funeral absolutely requires formal gold attire, and I might give you a discount if you're convincing enough.  My pricing structure is very flexible.  I give bulk and repeat customer discounts.  So if you're buying a complete set of pants, or if you bought something from me before, you'll almost certainly get a discount.  Also, I tend to be more likely to offer a discount to those with a good reputation.  And if your reputation is very good, I'd probably consider a financing option.  The bottom line is, learn to bargain.  This is a bazaar, not an imperial store.
    On top of that, I sell more than just clothes.  I sell service and quality, with an eye for fashion.  I only use the finest fabrics and the best tailors.  I will make sure those pants fit you just right, and have them adjusted  if necessary.  If you're trustworthy enough, I'll let you try them on before you buy.  And I always carry the widest possible selection, so you can choose the ones that suit you best.
    On a related note, I've also noticed that many people are displeased with the sales tax.  Rejoice!  It means that Puddleby is getting organized enough to rob you legally. =)
    Besides, where do you think the money for all those nifty public buildings and stone city walls came from?  Those workers have to be paid, you know?  Now if they could only get the construction crews working on that marketplace project ...
    Yes, people have a tendency to practice tax evasion by selling at 0 coins over the counter, and then receiving the money after in secret.  I've done it, too.  However, there are risks involved.  The customer might walk away without ever paying.  Sure, you can curse them out, and you can ruin their reputation, but most won't care.  So if you have any reason not to trust the person, or are not willing to risk loosing your investment, don't evade the tax.  Also, there might be a thief standing by.  If you sell at 0, he or she will be more than happy to take the item off your hands before your customer has a chance to grab it.  If you sell at full price, however, they most likely won't bother.  In the worst case, you customer will not get their item, but you still get the money.  And most of the time you can always get another item.
    Well, I hope this has been helpful to some, clarifying for others, and an utter bore to at least a few.  I hope to see you all in Puddleby, doing well and eager to enlarge your wardrobe.


Dah'eb Shaar
Healer to the Stars and
Merchant of Fine Wares

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