TITLE: "Naming A Unicorn"
SUBMITTED: the 9th day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: Wisher

    It was evening of the thirtieth day of the eleventh month and I had just wandered out into the East Forest to look for exiles needing assistance. And I found JoMamma, Syklle and Ciric outside the fire circle, holding their own against a some denizens of the wood. I healed them a bit to assure their position, although I know they didn't need my help, yet they whispered to me "Look, it's Stag".

    To my astonishment, there was the largest Stag I had ever seen with powerful legs and a huge head of antlers. "Wow" I said. "Whisper, don't want to scare him off" Jo whispered.

    "Hold out an apple for him, he likes them" Syklle suggested.
    "But I have no apples."
    "Here" Syklle gave me an apple to offer to Stag.

    I offered it to Stag and he catiously creeped over and snatched it delicately from my hand. Amazing!

    Then I got my first clue that something was wrong, I noticed that Stag was crying.

    "What's wrong?" I asked of the others.
    "All we know is that he is sad. We're trying to help him." Jo replied.

    After five minutes of questioning Stag with him only give us positive and negative responses, we had figgured a little bit out.

    He didn't want us to get something for him, he wanted us to go somewhere, but he didn't know where. I thought that someone might be in trouble somewhere and Stag wanted us to help him, but he just pawed at some tangled roots when I  asked about it.

    "It has something to do with the unicorn." Jo whispered.
    "Unicorn?" I blurted out.
    "Shh, yes, thereís a unicorn in Tangle Wood, but we canít get close to it, it always runs away."

    "Lets Go" suggested Jo after some more fruitless questioning.

    We met a little opposition on our way, just east of the entrance to Tangle Wood, we were recovering from our wounds and we noticed Stag was watching us again. So we asked him some more questions, getting no more information than we had before. Then he started scratching at another tangled root.

    "He wants us to go to Tangle Wood!" I said, again too loud.
    Syklle made a quick decision, "Yes, Lets go find the Unicorn!"

    After some disorganized wandering we eventually discovered the Unicorn watching us from behind a tree in Tangle Wood.  Not meaning to scare it we approached too closely and it skittered away, but we eventually understood it was afraid and kept our distance while we talked to the unicorn. We noticed it seemed lost and a bit confused.

    It understood us and responed to our questions, so we tried to find out what it needed.

    "Do you seek something?" Syklle asked. The Unicorn got excited and pointed its horn at Syklle.

    "Do you want us to show you the way out of Tangle Wood?" The Unicorn snorted in disgust!

    Then we heard the distant cry of a fallen exile. Llerendel had fallen.
    Syklle looked about, "I have to go help Llerendel, I will come back."
    And the Unicorn shed a tear as Syklle dashed off to find Llerendel.

    "Do you seek a person?" Jo asked. The unicorn snorted.

    Not a person and not an object.

    "Do you need to go to Giaís garden?" Bounty asked. The unicorn pointed and got excited.

    By this time a large group had gathered.

    "We can take you there!" The unicorn let out a loud snort!

    Then I had a flash, "Do you seek knowledge?" I asked. The Unicorn pointed its horn at me.

    "Do you seek a name from Gia?" I asked. The Unicorn got excited and pointed at me again.

    "We need to go to Gia's garden and get a name" The Unicorn snorted.

    "Oooh, She needs us to name her, a beautiful name for a magnificent beast!" And the Unicorn pointed at me again.

    Syklle returned as we were spouting out names, some grand, some simple, but I was still pondering, it had to be a wonderful name.

    Eventually the din got loud enough that we couldn't talk coherently.

    Then the unicorn pointed at me again. I nearly fainted. It appeared that I had the honor of naming the Unicorn.

    We had found several names I considered to be grand enough for a Unicorn, but one seemed most fitting. I named her Moonshimmer.

    We danced, sang and celebrated, for not only was she named, but she was freed from her waiting, she could now go where she pleased.

    After our celebration Moonshimmer bowed, and galloped off into the wood. I hope I get to see her again someday.

    I have not seen Stag since naming Moonshimmer. If you see him, be sure to give him an apple and tell him that Moonshimmer is free! I hope that will make him happy again.

TITLE: "Teioh's Return"
SUBMITTED: 8th day of the 12th month.

        HEllo boys and girls! I'm sure you have all been wondering where I have been, and if you haven't, you should be.
        I've taken my private cigarette out to the province of Thera. Nasty place, not nearly as friendly as Puddleby is. Just wanted to let everyone know that I've been up to the usual . . . Dealing in illeagle items, practicing mysticism, killing people, taking a shit on the Knights of Valour's Holy Altar (don't ask) and other things I shouldn't even mention. I'll be back soon seeing as I can legally be killed since I've got that tatoo on my arm marking me an exile.
        Good to know Llerendel is still an ignorant whining bitch. Oh right, I'll probably continue the Sunstone Show when I come back too. One more thing, be sure make a welcoming party, And have a set of clothes ready for me as well as a Sunstone. Green shirt, blue pants.

 --Teioh the Grand Psionic

TITLE: "Pushball  Tournament"
SUBMITTED: 7th day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: Ronaldo

Greetings, fellow exiles!

    I am writing this letter to all the clans asking your help. As you may or may not have heard, I am trying to put together a pushball  tournament as a celebration of the great spirit of both comradship and  competition in our island community.
    Pushball, as you know, is one of the oldest and noblest games known to  man, dwarf or any other of the mighty races present on the Lok'Groton  islands.
    The idea is to lay down our weapons and forget our worries for a few  hours and have teams from all eight races compete against each other in  one great tournament. More information on the tournament and a basic set  of rules for the game of pushball can be found on a scroll I have  prepared and filed under


    Please excuse any shortcomings in these scrolls. I am but a Zo and can't  write very well. So far, three members of our community have signed up to  play, but many more are needed. I would be grateful if you could pass
this information on to the members of your clans and urge them to  participate in this event, be it as players or referees, be it as  spectators.

Thank you in advance,


TITLE: "The Second Challenge of Dun'ilsar"
SUBMITTED: the 7th day of the 12th month
AUTHOR:Fleming, Clan Lord of E'las Loth'mon Ferindril

    In this week's Dun'ilsar, the Clan of the Rising Claw (RC) challenged E'las Loth'mon Ferindril (ELF) to a Money Hunt or Arena Battle.  Predictably, ELF accepted the Money Hunt knowing they had no chance in the arena.  On Sunday, members of each clan gathered at the Inn of the Purple Tor and emptied their pouches in anticipation of the event.  A total of 9 RC and 7 ELF then rushed off to the hunt for 45 minutes.  Most of the action occured in the south Arachne caves where all of ELF and much of RC had decided to hunt.  Many dastardly deeds were done by the more organized ELF members which led eventually to the death of RC's only two healers who were there. Confident that some of RC's money would not be returning in time, ELF marched back toward the inn with about 6 minutes remaining.  But ELF was mistaken, RC miraculously managed to rescue every one of their members there and return them to the inn in the last few minutes.  As time was called, only one RC member had not returned on time.  Both sides anxiously counted their earnings, and it was discovered that ELF had won 460 to 440 coins.  Of note, Altos (RC) who had fainted in the East Forest minutes before the contest ended held what would have been a deciding 38 coins. Next week the Brotherhood of Independents challenges  ELF.
    Dun'ilsar is a weekly clan competition formed to promote friendly rivalry and interaction between the clans of Puddleby.  Currently only the Brotherhood of Independents, the Clan of the Rising Claw, and E'las Loth'mon Ferindril have stepped forward to defend the honor of their clans. Those interested in finding out more or having their clan join should look at the scrolls at http://www.cco.caltech.edu/~barrick/DI/DI.html

To the glory of all clans!
Clan Lord of E'las Loth'mon Ferindril

TITLE: "A wraith came to me."
SUBMITTED: the 3trd day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: Elrohir

    While fighting in the undine cavern I was killed.. my part fled.. leaving me alone.... I prayed for help from the anchients.... and what came to me shocked me.
    A wraith (like the one who gives you the gift of the undine) came to me.
    He came to me and asked me if I wished his help.... I told him I knew not who he was.. and what his price for aiding me was... He told me I was wise.... but did not say his price... again he asked me if I wished his aid... I (after thinking refused) he left..
    I continued to yell for help... a few moments later he again came to me...
    Telling me I was noisy, and that the killing of his servants, and my yelling had awakened him from his sleep....
    I thanked him for his offer to revive me.. and I departed...
    I wish no pact with he who creates those that defy the laws of nature
    I warn everyone though.. be weary of your prayers.. for sometimes they are answered by those being of dark power.


TITLE: "An exciting night..."
SUBMITTED: The 2nd day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: Merlisk

    Wow, what an exciting night.  Upon waking, I was informed that several Warlocks were using lightning bolts to fell fellow exiles.  How shocking!  I and a few others immediately set about rescuing and healing those fallen, but not before we too were shocked.  Fried Thoom hair is a horrible smell - let me tell you.  Fortunately, the fighters were able to dispatch the evil ones whilst the healers brought back the dispatched.

    Exhausted, we settled down to rest.  Then, two Drakes attacked those in the East Field!  Although quite beautiful, they are equally as deadly. I waved to one, trying to befriend it, but it only roasted me with flame.  Any hair that I had left on my body was now totally gone. Fortunately, the great fighters from Puddleby were able to dispatch the vile creatures and the healers helped the remaining.

    I just wish to say to all of my fellow exiles that, together, we make an incredible force.  Good job all.  I bow to all who helped save our fair town.

'Til we meet again, my best regards.

Merlisk, a hairless, exiled Thoom Healer

TITLE: "My name is Danika..."
SUBMITTED: The 30th day of the 11th month
AUTHOR: Danika

Dear Braveheart
                 My name is Danika and I am fairly new to Puddleby. I am not an writer, but I would like to tell about my adventure on 11/28/98. I had just gotten out of school when I ran into Bizob, he told me he was on his way to the Darshak caves to rescue some fellow townsmen. I had neer been to the caves and decided that along with rescueing the townsmen I wanted to see the caves so I went along with him. Well when we got there after a long boat ride I almost wish I had recinsidered. There was about 30 dead and maybe 10 alive, with Darshak pirates all around. I fought long and hard. Finally just about everryone was healed and leaving when I realized I didn't know my way out. There was still a lot of Darshaks around, so I didn't have enough time to ask which way to go. Well I just continued fighting for my life when I got cornered and had one  tough Darshak slashing at me. I looked to the side of me and saw that about 15 Darshak had come to see me slaughtered. As I fell to the ground I realized that the rest of the party in the party still in there had also fallen. We had been there a while hopeing and praying for rescue when I noticed a cloaked figure walking around. I rejoyced and thought that rescue had come. But I was very wrong. The cloaked figure was Mais' observer from town. Whenever anyone got healed he killed them again with lightning. Anyone who came to rescue us was also killed with lightning. (That is why I do not beleive that Mai is God, would a God allow her observer to kill?) Anyway just when I thought there was no hope left for us one of the Darshak spoke to us. He said that he would heal us if only we promised to leave. Well I didn't even have to think twice I emediatel said I would leave. But even after he started to heal us Mais' observer continued to kill with the lightning. Finally I lost track of the cloaked figure and I believe he must have left because finally I was healed. I ran as fast as I could out of there afraid that I would be stabbed in the back. Finally panting I made to the entrance, where I got fully healed. I will now think twice about venturing to the Darshak caves and I advise everyone else to think twice also. I would also like to thank all the other exiled who came to our rescue, even though most of them were killed I really appreciate the effort that they went through. I would also like to thank that Darshak who took pity on us and let us go.
    In addition to this letter I would like to thank the many people who took me around on my first days of exile. I was weak, but yet they still had me tag around behind them and healed me continuously when I fell. I would like to name a few.... Oedipus (he also bought me my shirt and Tan pants), Ugh (he stuck around even after I went to sleep for a very long time. And he ran and got healers whenever I died) Ananna (who let me tag along along and took me on a boat ride) and of course Bizob who became my hero he was always healing me and never complaining. If I have missed anyone I am very sorry and I appreciate your help as well.

sincerely Danika

SUBMITTED: The 29th day of the 11th month
AUTHOR: Llerendel Starchasm

    Through skilled detective work and a careful application of hot pincers, I  have discovered that a "super sacred secret council" has been controlling  the lives of everyone in Puddleby.  The full membership consists of 10  mortals and three ancients, but I was only able to procure a partial list:

Now what I want know is, if they rule Puddleby -- why can't they get the fountains in the Healer's Temple to run properly?

Llerendel Starchasm

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