TITLE: Mens Sana In Corpore Sano
SUBMITTED: The 28th day of the 11th month
AUTHOR: Ronaldo

    The origin of all modern sports is in ancient Greece, where the first Olympic games where held many ages ago. By way of the Roman empire, where the old saying "a healthy mind lives in a healthy body" was coined, many sports and games survived the passing of the ages to our modern day. So it is with the game of pushball, which was first mentioned in writing by the Greek philosopher Xeno (or Zeno) of Erythrea 400 years before our time and played in many variations and cultures to this very day.
    Sporting events have always been a great way of sharing experiences with other cultures, races and countries. To celebrate this ancient and great spirit, an effort has been made to set up a pushball tournament in Puddleby. Members of several races have already signed up, but many more are needed to complete the eight teams bearing the banners of the eight races which hopefully will all participate in this celebration of mind and body.
    All citizens of Puddleby are invited to join, be it as players or referees, be it as spectators or cheerleaders. Ronaldo of the Ghorak Zo has volunteered to organize the event. As you may know, he was a  professional pushball player on the mainland, but was exiled when he uncovered the continuous and foul fixing of the Pushball Premier League  (PPL) by the minions of the evil Mobius. Ronaldo and all others involved  in the preparations are full of hope that the day of the tournament  (which has not yet been finalized) will be one of joy, fair competition  and great friendship between all people on our island. You are invited to  leave your sword and worries at the inn, grap a pint of ale at the pub  and make your way over to the pushball field for a day of careless  festivities. To learn more about the current status of the tournament,  please read the scroll which Ronaldo has prepared. It has been filed under: http://freeweb.digiweb.com/sports/pushball/index.html

TITLE: The Darkshak Raids
SUBMITTED: The 26th day of the 11th month
AUTHOR: Eric The Swift otherwise know as PomPom
    Most of you know that recently, the Darkshak pirates have been very active.  On Wednesday the pirates struck a very strong blow on us.  I first noticed it when I was in the town square along with many others, watching people kill frogs.  Of course, spriggans were sent down to wreak havock.  When I started moving east, I noticed that a darkshak sailor had snuck into town.  This was the first sign of the raid.  I then casually traveled to the east gate where I saw three or four Darkshak Pirates in battle with some fellow exiles.  It wasnt much of a task to annhilate them, but when we moved east, we all saw a decent number of intruders.  We quickly jumped into defending our beloved town of Puddleby.  After injuring many sailors and thugs, enemy reinforcements arrived from the east field.  I hurredly ran into town warning the others about the raid.  Several exiles came to defend against the invasion. I then sheathed my sword and fought for my freedom.  We all fought hard, slowly holding off the enemy.  In what seemed like a brief minute, we had held off the first of the raiders.
    During the first raid, none of us noticed that a necromancer had escaped while we were all fighting for our lives.  Most of us thought that we had held them off, but myself and another exile weren't fooled.  We knew there would be more to come.  The necromancer returned with an even larger army.  Again I raced to town to warn the others.  Many had fallen to the pirates and on my way returning to defend, I was intercepted by the necromancer.  It glared at me and pointed, not a good sign, so I fought hard.  After successfully dealing one blow to his left arm, and another to his chest, skeletals and detached spirits were teleported to seek vengance.  The necromancer quickly retreated.  I was killed in no time flat and soon, they surrounded a sylvan healer by the name of Acid.  She was in critical condition as she somehow held off.  Preforming her healing magic on herself, with about 2 more rows of enemies surrounding her, she just waited.  Not a single blow was delt to her.  Ravenstorm (or Stormraven, I am not sure who) released the tension by holding off some skels so that Acid could escape.  To our surprise, Astral Spark came to help out.  After blinking angrily, It shot lightning at the skeletals and spirits, and then dissappeared.  Reappering west of me, out of my sight, I saw lighting fly through the air as the spark blinked yet agin.  I was then healed and continued on my fight for freedom.
    More spirits appeared, but this time, we could all handle them.  I decided I would try to make it to the Orga Camp for an orga eye I had been wanting, when on my way, yet more darkshaks, a third group, met me at the east gate.  This time, they had darshak blades with them.  I rushed back to town, knowing that the lives of many unsuspecting victems depended on me.  Shouting through the town at the top of my lunges, I screamed for help at the east gate.  Another exile was shouting a quote, "Run Exiles, to fight the intruders.  They can take our lives but they will never take our FREEDOM!!!!" Exiles by the dozens ran to help.  I entered the east gate to help a halfling by the name of Trillium fend off the unwanted intruders.  Dealing many slices with our weapons, we killed many Darkshak scouts, thugs, blades, and marines.   Rushing east, we destroyed the necromancer for good.  But the war was not won yet,  far from it...
    It took many men and women to fend off the raiders, and many men and women lost their lives in the deadly battle against the Darkshak intruders.  Some of us came out Heros and Sheros, but we all knew we would be hit hard again.  Some day they would return.  They would seek their vengence on us yet again.

By Eric The Swift otherwise know as PomPom

The Counter-Assault:

    I am going to lead a counter assault on the Darkshak.  We will be meeting at the west beach  You wi(where you rent a boat) on Saturday, November the 28th, 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (see chart).  You will need 5 coins to buy a boat.  We plan to attack each and every horde, which I hope is possible.  It is likely that they will have mystics with them, so be sure to destroy those when it is safe,  usually creatures with magic do not do well against physical attacks.

Time Zone (only US, Sorry)       Time to meet
Greenland Time                          7:00 Pm
Atlantic Time                              6:00 Pm
Eastern Time                               5:00 Pm
Central Time                               4:00 Pm
Mountain Time                           3:00 Pm
Pacific Time                                2:00 Pm
Alaska Time                                1:00 Pm


  1. You must restrict your talking because too many of your fellow exiles will get lag from so many people's voices. You may thinkto and thank, but NO talking casually (example: heal me, im dead, ouch, or np).
  2. If the darshak send a messanger or anything none of us have knowledge of, DO NOT ATTACK IT.  We may need to communicate with it.
  3. You must have 5 coins for which to buy a boat.
  4. You must listen to my orders quickly.  We may need to retreat to heal, so we will need it to be fast and easy so that we reduce unwanted casualties.
  5. Follow these rules
  6. Meet at west beach (where you buy boats) If you dont know where the west beach is, you arent strong enough to come.
The Leader,  Eric the Swift

TITLE: Goodbye
SUBMITTED: the 24th day of the 11th month
AUTHOR: Homer, the Fallen
        As I write this, I am in a boat, on my way back to the Western  Continent.  I have hoped it would never come to this, but I must return.   I have not been totally honest with all of my friends, but I was never  exiled.  I came to Puddleby by my own accord.  I had said that I was  exiled because of my blatant opinions, but that is a lie.  I fled to  Puddleby after murdering a high ranking official in Mobius' court.  I  thought I would be safe in Puddleby, I met lots of friends there, but  Mobius' Mystics have almost caught up with me, and they won't let me get  away again.  I fear for the safety of my friends I have met here, so I  must leave.  I'm sorry I cannot say goodbye in person, but there was no  time, as i write, the mystics are hot on my trail.  I am going back to  Mobius' court to finish the deed, I will attempt to assasinate Mobius  himself, though there is no promise of victory.  If I am victorious, I  will return to Puddleby, however, if I die, this is the last you will  ever hear from me.  I would like to say goodbye to Dufus the Troll, Eli  the Fox, Tara, Sassy, and all others I have forgotten.  Wish me luck,  for I will certainly need it.
                                                                                                Sincerely, Homer

TITLE: "lured tree man attacks Puddleby town square!"
SUBMITTED: The 22nd day of the 11th month
AUTHOR: Drew, one of the many healers of Puddleby.

    On this day, a lured tree man attacks Puddleby town square! Plunging into the fray, it slaughtered weak and strong alike. Only one person was able to injure it, but all it did was flinch. It is shown walking through a path of it's victims. I was also wounded by the great oak beast. Not even the two mighty warriors, Joy and Shado, were unable to destroy the beast. Through circumstances, I was unable to catch this one event, but a searing bolt of lightning soared across the screen in the middle of the fight and hit the Tree Giant! Even though this was truely a gift from the ancients, the great beast only shuddered and continued hewing people. For hours I was at the fight. I even saw it enter the holy temple! Finally it was lured into the fenced area of the sentinal. The sentinal, even seeing all the carnage, chose to ignore the monster. There the fight raged. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture the rest of the fight as I was called away and I was quite fatigued. Perhaps the tree giant still lurks in Puddleby. May the ancients help our poor souls...

TITLE: "Hybrid."
SUBMITTED: The 22nd day of the 11th month
AUTHOR: Malakh

Fellow citizens,

    I hesitate to even file this story with the Puddleby Post, as I know the evil man known as "Hybrid" will delight to see his name in print. But the world must know of the havoc he has wreaked upon our fair city. The foul creature known as the Tree Giant which has stomped its way through Puddleby, leaving corpses strewn behind it, did not arrive here by accident.  Its thick bark was too dense for even our stoutest fighters to scratch.  And it was led to us by the exile "Hybrid."
    After some brave souls trapped the stupid giant behind a fence, Hybrid took it upon himself to taunt it until it followed him out the gate and back into the city.  His name has been cursed a hundred times and will surely be cursed a hundred more, but he is uncaring whether he is accepted on our island or not.  He revels only in causing mayhem and destruction.  How sad that we must tolerate such behavior among us.
    When monsters are led to the town, they are usually slow and dull-witted (else they would be too dangerous for this coward to tease).  The new exiles should clear away from it;  the more experienced among us will surely catch its attention and lead it away from the city the same way it was led in.


TITLE: Dark Times are upon us
SUBMITTED: The 21st day of the 11th month
AUTHOR: Elrond from the house of Elrond

Friends of Puddleby;

                Dark times are upon us. The supposed 'Mystiks' are being delayed which may be bad. Many monsters attack Puddleby. Today I saw some "Shadowmutt" in town which disturbs me. Also earlier I have seen 2 Tree Giants and 1 Greymyr in our little fronteir town.
                I had predicted this town would be very disturbed by monsters when I came here, but never this bad. But, the TGs and the Greymyr were killed with very many a loss. Ai! Ai! I was attacked by a starbuck today after lunch, some skeletals in a tower, and many myrms. I got to this town because on my annual trip to Mobius' areas, I was framed and exiled to Puddleby. I have not been here long, but I am becoming a fighter to protect myself.
                Another loss was my colorful garments. Ai! Ai! I cannot belive the complexity. I've heard of a frog that attacks people with lightning if they kill three frogs, and centaurs around this very island. Fleming's discovery
about that root was also very interesting, and I shall look forward to going there.


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