Volume III, Number 1

TITLE: DM defeats BU in Dun'ilsar XIX
SUBMITTED: The 30th day of the 6th month
AUTHOR: Math of the Dwarven Militia

    The following is an account of the contest from the point of view of the Dwarven Militia.
    On Sunday, the 27th day of June (or Terrdi, the 60th day of Winter, 534, if you will), members of the Dwarven Militia and Black Unicorn clans met in the park in Puddleby. After weeks of cloudy skies, the sun shone bright on this day. Right on time, Fleming arrived, and the clans asked him to judge.
    The contest was to be a rescue: "...one person from each clan will be chosen to fall just inside the North Pass. At the specified time, the remainder of both clans will set out from the Garden to rescue their fallen clan member. The first clan to have their clan member back up and in the garden shall be declared the winner. Departing will not be allowed for any participants."
    So Fleming took the two who were to fall to the North Pass with him. These were Astral Duck of the Dwarven Militia and Entil'Zha of the Black Unicorn. The clans made last-minute plans and soon were notified that both had fallen to Night Wendeckas. Fleming sent the word to begin the contest.

Before Dun'ilsar 19

    As soon as the contest was begun, members rushed out hurriedly towards the East Field. DM "Team A" members Math, Hitman, and Fensaith escorted their healers Scorpion and Cid (Cid soon fell to wendeckas, but was rescued after the contest). Meanwhile, "Team B", Tuzar Bloodblad, Grumble, and Ciric attempted to set up a blockade at the East Field bridge. This proved an inconvenience to Tigger and other Black Unicorn healers and fighters, but they soon attempted to circumvent it by crossing the bridge in the North East field. Ciric anticipated them but did not stall them for very long.
    DM Team A raced to the North Pass as fast as they could, and encountered little trouble. Once there, though, the Night Wendeckas harried them and began to wear down their head start. Math, Hitman, and Fensaith distracted the Wendies as best as they could, to allow Scorpion to try to raise Astral Duck.
    Tigger was not far behind though, but Math did what he could to prevent Entil'Zha from being healed, resulting in his own near-fatal-wounding right besider her. By the time Entil'Zha was raised by the brave and relentless Tigger, Astral Duck was well away.
    Having been raised only to "red," Astral Duck reaped the benefits of his Detha and Troilus training as he ran as fast as his short legs could carry him. By all accounts he reached the safety of the park a full minute or two before Entil'Zha.
    We would like to thank Black Unicorn for issuing the challenge. The contest was well run, Black Unicorn! Hope you had fun, and that there are no bad feelings between our clans, as in any Dun'ilsar contest... For the glory of all the clans!
    I would also like to thank Fleming for his continuing labor to ensure the smoothness and fun of the Dun'ilsar, and for judging this event for us.
    I look forward to Black Unicorn's account of the contest. Present were Chrono, Crow, Entil'Zha, Kryll, Telisiane, and Tigger. My appologies if I missed anyone. My apologies if my account was in any way unjust... I was only at one place at a time, and half the time lying fallen in the pass. ;)
    With a good will... BEER!

-- Math, Son of Ironforge

TITLE: Death on the Sea
SUBMITTED: The 28th day of the 7th month
AUTHOR: Kahiel

    Dear Math,
    I am writing to you about an incident of great moment to the citizens of our fair island.  I was making my rounds of the beaches when I decided to see what the vile inhabitants of Ash Island were doing.  I rented a boat as many of us have, but when I set to sea, I was set upon by an enormous barge filled with vile Darshak.  Gaia was looking upon my, as I was able to make it to shore before I fell to the great boat.

Fighting a Darshak Warship

    I and diverse others, set to sea again to do battle with the fiendish offenders.  Many a good soul was felled by the lothesome seamen.  I was, reluctantly, summoned on a mission of greater import by the Gods.  We must all be wary of these vile pirates, lest they molest more of our comrads.

-- Kahiel

TITLE: Awaria
SUBMITTED: The 5th day of the 8th month
AUTHOR: J'nder

    Greetings fellow Clan Siblings,
    I fear I bring ominous tidings which may portend dark days ahead for us Puddleby exiles.
    As some of you know my sister, J'jh (may Gaia keep her safe), has left our Island for a while to return to the mainland and search for our Fathers journals.
    Today I received a letter from her. She says

    Dearest Sister,
    I write you this short note in haste, for I must hurry to catch the tide. I pray that it reaches you before it is too late. Today our ship hove to by a sparsely settled island for provisioning & watering. The local inhabitants asked whether the ships doctor could go ashore to tend some children who were sore afflicted with a fungal infection of some kind. Naturally I offered my services as well.
    After ministering to the poor mites (who are now fine) the good Doctor and I retired to the local tavern to sample the local produce. Whilst we were eating I could not but help overhearing the conversation between the seaman on the table next to us. It appears that these seaman, from another ship moored in the bay, have been trading with our Island. Not with us exiles, but with the hated Orga! As if this is not bad enough I heard them discussing an Orga plot against our fair town!
    The plot involves the Orga gradually replacing key people in Puddleby with Orga shape changers! While I can not be certain (The Inn was busy & loud) I received the impression that at least one subsitutition has been made. The Orga will take advantage of the confusion & doubt sown by these changelings to wipe our fair town off the map!.
    Dearest Sister, I write in fear. I trust you will get this note. I have given much of my savings to an adventurer to bring it to Puddleby. I can only pray that it reaches you in time for you to act. I was torn between sending you this or returning myself, but you know that I must make all speed If I am to trace our father.
    I must away, the ship is making ready to leave. My prayers are with you, and all of Puddleby.
    Your loving sister. J'jh.

    As you can imagine, this note shook me to the core. My mind wandered through all the possibilities. We know the Orga have shape changers. We know they have been very active of late, their raids breaching the defenses of our fair town. I have shared my concern with some dear healer friends (Sisyphus, Axell & Magnels) and we have reached the same conclusions.
    The Orga's first target was Awaria. We believe this is so because of the following
    The Orga have seen Awaria at work, they have seen healers act as lightning rods, take hits from Frenzies & Wraths enabling fighters to bring them down, seen their new Orga Spites fail. The Orga fear that Awaria will allow healers to help fighters penetrate their deepest lairs.
    We believe that under cover of a recent Orga raid, an Orga party teleported into the healer hall, kidnapped Awaria, and substituted her with an Orga shape changer. Every healer who has visited hers since has had their training corrupted, reducing their self healing power.
    We also believe that Awaria is still alive, held by the Orga who are attempting to pervert her training to their own end.
    I, on behalf of my fellow healers, and all exiles on our island, beg that our OWE representative bring this matter before the Clan Council. So that we may plan a rescue of Awaria, foil this wicked Orga plot and save our fair town.
    Yours, in hope.

-- J'nder. J'Team & OWE

TITLE: BOI defeats OWE in Dun'ilsar XXIII
SUBMITTED: The 20th day of the 8th month
AUTHOR: Marcus Antonius, Toisech of the Brotherhood of Independents

    Glory to the Clans!
    For our first Dun'ilsar in roughly two years the Brotherhood of Independents challenged the Order of the White Elephant clan to either a series of arena battles or a rescue on the Savannah. After nearly a month of deliberations OWE chose the Savannah rescue.
    The challenge was scheduled to begin on the 8th day of autumn at 8pm (Aug 19th at 10PM PST.) Each clan chose 2 clan members to die in the area around the big Mushroom, deep in the Savannah. Once the chosen were fallen, both clans would meet up in Gold shirts for a countdown start. Once raised the fallen would have to run to town and touch the altar. The first clan to get both fallen to town would be the victor. Potions, Chains and departs by the chosen were all illegal.

BOI and OWE meet.

    Both clans met on the east field near the marsh to guide the chosen to the Savannah. Zorton and Korun were chosen to fall for BoI while Charlos and Horatio would fall for OWE. In total 9 BoI members showed up for the rescue party against 10 OWE rescuers. Fleming was present to serve as starter and to judge the arrivals at the altar.
    Both clans charged into the marsh to help their chosen make it to the designated fall site. It took a fair amount of time to get the fallen to the proper locations. Worse it took a horribly long time for both clans to make it intact to the mirror in the south forest! It was nearly 10:30 by the time the challenge actually got underway! Thank goodness the four fallen were able to keep themselves entertained.

Horatio, Zorton, Charlos, and Korun, fallen in the Savannah.

    Fleming performed the countdown and both clans charged into the marsh. Very quickly a number of members from both clans arrived in the Savannah. After Gurgi arrived all present proceeded towards the Mushroom. Humorously the early arrivals from both clans had seemed to be waiting for Gurgi!
    Korun was raised almost immediately but fell just as quick. Zorton got up next but was trapped between his healers and some mushrooms. Charlos got up next and was quickly off towards the marsh. Zorton managed to get unstuck and headed off after Charlos. Charlos fell but was quickly raised and on his way. Horatio and Korun both got up and set off. Horatio fell in the Savannah and had to be raised agai. Large parts of the rescue parties also fell, while the many living exiles headed off to help the runners.
    The BoI and OWE members left on the Savannah then proceeded to rescue each other in a show of general good spirit (thank Gaia for Gurgi!)
    Fairly quickly Fleming reported that Charlos had arrived in town. Several minutes later Zorton arrived - he had run from the Savannah, through the marsh and to town in a very near fallen state! Korun was in better shape healthwise and exited the marsh into the Southern Brambles. He arrived in town a few minutes later with Charlos attempting to provide some interference. But the effort was futile, we had won!
    I think just about everybody from both clans fell at one point or another during the challenge and many Ruknees too. It was a very enjoyable challenge!
    An excellent effort from both clans in this latest challenge!
    Those interested in finding out more or having their clan join should look at the scrolls at http://dunilsar.fusiondev.com/
    Victory in this challenge was dedicated to Fuyu.

-- Marcus

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