TITLE: Lessons Hard Learned: My First Weeks in Exile
SUBMITTED: The 28th Day of the 8th Month
AUTHOR: Hanako of Fen'lorass

Greetings and well met!

    Although bad fortune led me to the Lok'groton Islands, I have seen many exciting and wondrous things in these, my two first weeks of exile. This temporary home is blessed with all manner of good citizens and I am pleased to have such good company during my stay. You have all been so generous and patient, save a few who have been remembered, and my appreciation is extended to one-and-all for helping a simple fen'neko learn the ways and means of Puddleby.
    As a new arrival, I have survived the bone chilling caverns of the undine, explored the darkest caverns of the arachne, been mauled by the queen of the myrms, and cheated death more times than I care to recount.
    On the day of my arrival, I recall the accidental discovery of a small and run down cabin in the fields north of town. It was not drinking water I found in that well, but the spookiest denizens of the underworld who hungered for my soul. This was where I learned to run and dodge ... and to appreciate the aid of those who would help against all odds.
    With a trusty new sword in hand, I went on to explore Tanglewood and learned the reason for its name. Lost for hours, I happened upon a merchant in a grove of trees and was surprised by the quality of his wares. Asking why he chose such a place to conduct business, the merchant ignored me -- obviously single-minded of purpose -- and I chanced upon a kindly sylvan who led me back to Puddleby and its walls of safety.
    As my skills increased and my scouting improved, I found my way into more adventures by land and sea. It was curiosity that led myself and another fen'neko (Claw) to hire boats and tour the many islands in the Lok'grotons. A centaur refused my passage on one sandy shore and I would greatly like to know what secret he guards. Moving on, I found the arena and met a typical fate of the novice. This was and will be my last visit to a building inhabited by fools who, it seems to this simple cat, would do better to consider our many foul enemies instead of the relatively few simple-minded citizens we must share our new lands with.
    I confess to wondering why, when there are forty clans involved, there is no mayor or council of Puddleby. It seems to be a necessary role and the chaos of town, as shown during recent forest drake attacks and such, would seem less of a burden if a brave and able minded leader were to organize the town's defense and growth.
    Now almost two weeks in exile, I will seek to continue my playful adventures and hunt for challenges wherever they may appear. More capable and with hard-earned lessons under my belt, you can expect to hear my purring and shouts of "Yipee!" for many moons to come. Until then, my fellow exiles ...

- Hanako of Fen'lorass (aka the 'Walking Death Trap')

TITLE: "Another Talk With the Orga"
SUBMITTED: the 28th day of the 8th month.
AUTHOR: Polerand

    One fine day I was training in the healer area and went out into the public hall and saw the hall swarming with activity. I was wondering what was going on and finally found my answer. An Orga Berzerk had
wandered in and was being hounded by many fighters and healers alike. He ran away when many were crowding the small hall and almost the entire room emptied chasing after.
    I waited around south gate after that talking about what had just happened when in came the Orga right in front of me. He ran around me away fromm all the fighters at his back. I yelled for them to leave him alone but no one would listen. I had realized this was no attack. I desperatly wanted to speak with him and asked around for his location. I received many reports from people saying that he was killing in E Field.
    When I arrived at E Field the reports were confirmed immediatly by many yells of people asking for a heal. I ran to the location screaming, "Where is the Orga?" I found him soon after. I asked him to talk with me. He attacked me and took me to half of my strength. I pleaded with him to talk with me and he killed me. I was still set on talking to him. I figured he was just frightened by all the fighters attacking him.
    After I, and everyone else, was healed I went to check out reports of the Orga being in NE Field. I heard many yelling for his location to kill him and after all were healed there I followed my instinct to Tangle Wood.
    I saw the Orga hiding behind a tree. I stopped and said, "Peace?" He came out of his hiding space and wandered around as Sector and Healer Glitch arrived. They also tried to help. I kept talking to him saying that both the Orga and Puddleby were suffering and needed a peace. Finally I asked, "Call of(f) your warriors Orga?" Instead of his usual grunts and blinks he nodded and then ran off.
    We must be kind to our neighbors. The drakes and the Orga are not our enemies, we are. Just like not every person in Puddleby is alike, thankfully, not every Drake or Orga is either. Don't judge them all for one's behaviour. Do not attack unless you are attacked yourself and all will be well. Do attack and who knows...


TITLE: "Greetings, Iam Commander Badger McBadger..."
SUBMITTED: the 28th day of the 8th month.
AUTHOR: Cmdr. Badger McBadger

    Greetings, Iam Commander Badger McBadger of the Thirteenth Imperial  Army of currently stationed at the Terellian Imperial Capital.
    Recently, by the order of the Terellian Emperor, a group of scouts  was sent to your land to find out if the Great Darnkess (long story) had  retreated to your land.  Our worst fears were confirmed when one of our  spies, Palpar of Dee Te Zelia, infiltrated the Palace of Mobius and found  out that he was being controlled by none other than the Great Mother,  leader of the Dark forces.  Another group was sent out to train your  people in the ways of fighting this darkness.  Headed by Vaelin, once  Great Hive Knight and leader of the Order of the Emperor, this group was  known as Shadow Eight.  We were to be sent to your land in groups of one.
    First Vaelin, then Falcon,then me.  Unfortunatly Neither Vaelin nor  Falcon were able to convince or organize ANY of your people.  The people  of the city of Puddleby did not believe our Vaelin when he told them of  the Darkness.  I was called for quicker than expected to help.  When I  arrived in your land I was shocked to find out that there was not an  organized defense force of any kind to, of course, defend against  invasion.
    I hereby ask you for some sort of assistance.  Your people are the  stubbornest buncha lazy rogues ive ever seen.  Warriors and Healers  jumbled together fighting for personal gain! HA!  I cannot believe these  people would be able to thwart an invasion from the lowliest of  creatures!  Once and awhile someone tries to organize an "invasion party".  These "Parties" are nothing hastily put together and they almost  always end in a horrible defeat.  Instead of organized attack against  enemies I see these "parties" split up and attack in all directions  hacking and slashing! NO STRATEGY AT ALL! Soon these parties degrade into  a group of bodies piled on top of each other.  I ask that you give me the  power to WORK with these people!!  They refuse to acknowledge anyone  within Shadow Eight's authority!  I need some kind of title just so I can  be able to talk to them! We must prepare for the Darkness or your land  and MINE will be destroyed in fire.

Respectfully yours,
-Cmdr. Badger McBadger

TITLE: Here is a response to Teioh
SUBMITTED: the 26th day of the 8th month.

Here is a response to Teiohs really long rant:

1. The Arena:  I believe that the code of conduct that you wrote down is great and people shouldn't get mad if they get killed.  They're in the arena!

2.  The Orga:  We defend our land from Orga, they defend their land from us.  Simple enough.  And a lot of the shamans DO in fact heal, I've made sure.

3.  Marcus:  I don't know what the grudge you two have against each other, and I just want to stay out of it.

4.  Lynch Mob:  See number 3.

5.  Reformation:  I am seeing you are once again reforming.

6.  The Teioh Show:  I have been truly entertained by it, time and again.

7.  Berating Stupidity (Is that spelled right?):  Amen.

8.  Karma Abuse:  It's true, people should only use Karma in the moment.  I would just like to say you shouldn't expect everyone to forgive you (You're responsible for all of your actions).

    Final Thoughts:  Teioh, I do believe you have an exetremely huge ego (Note: This is nothing to curse him about people, and nothing really to care about either).  Also, if you look out for only yourself (and your fellow clan members, of course), why do you care what others think of you?  Just wondering.
    Plus, you are one of the only people in these lands who could both say it, and pull it off.  I do believe some of the acts in the past were immoral (getting money for an axe, not giving the axe), but you actually pulled them off succesfully.  That deserves some respect.


TITLE: long rant to as many people as I can.
SUBMITTED: the 23rd day of the 8th month.

    long rant to as many people as I can. about the arena. About the orga. about Marcus Atonio's slanderous remarks :). all in respective order. The arena has developed its own code of conduct. I have helped to develop it. If you step into the arena, do not be surprised if you are killed as soon as you enter. If you attack a healer, do not be surprised when people kill you for it.
    I have found that most healers are very good natured and will heal even someone who will assault their own. there are two rules that are certain though. you must follow these or you will have no honour at all. 1. Do not hit and run. by this i mean kill someone, and leave the arena. that is intolerable. Or attack then run when ou see you can lose. I f you want to run, stay in the confines of the arena. Run around for a while. 2. Do not take any conflicts that begin in the arena to the outside. the arena was built for fun. Learn to enjoy it.
    About the Orga? first they are the most vile, Evil and for the time being, the biggest threat to us. (well at least the most aggressive) we did not attack them first. My very first day on this rock, A very long time ago, I was exploring the eastern portion of the town. at that time, no one had even ventured past the east field. the town was very young in those days. Well I was crossing the bridge, when much to my delight, I saw a tremendous Creature. He was tall ,at least 8 feet, and very muscular looking. Well, he charged me knocked me twice on the head and I down. After being teleported back to the safety of the temple, I later learned that the beast was an Orga Cheif. they have been pestering us since the dsay we landed here. I say we march into their camp and slaughter them all. we can form another outpost in Tangle Wood.
    second killing a shaman becuasse he heals us? I received 5 bad karma one day for erasing the plains of a menacing Orga spellcaster. I have no simpathy for the fools who let him "heal" them. what he was really doing was
lowering your max Health. (I am grinning right now) what you really saw was your health being permamently lowered so it met what you ahd before. luckily the Exiled Ancients that are protecting us have casted a spell to prevent this from  happening any more.
    Marcus, When I was younger I would have told you that I was the one who killed the Orga Anger. I have grown a deal wiser. If I had to choose an alignment, I guess I would be Lawful Evil. I may look out for myself, but I do have morals. Another thing that irks me, is little people telling me I am evil. I do use names. Marvin. he is just an example there are many more. Marvin told me I was greedy today. All the money I carry with me, A very low sum, has been hard earned  clearing the mines of Arachnoids. I have laboured there day and night earning my wages. I do not "steal" I have not done so for a very long time. I don't where Marvin heard i was Evil from, but this
just shows how someone's reputation can be destroyed very quickly. (Snrub) It is true what immortal soul has said about the lynch mob or whatever. (if it was him who said it I'm not good with names)
    Anyway I would like to say that for the second time, I am reforming. (reforming for the second time, ot saying it twice) I will still broadcast the show, it is entertaining and loved by many, I will still berate stupidity. (is that spelled right?) I am done with any pranks. I have performed some very honest jobs, and am trying not to lie as much.
    Anyway If I am standing in town, don't come up to me say I;m evil, and the curse me! It has happened. Almost as bad as Speckko's run-by-cursings. [he has to spell my name right so he quickly walked past me, typed the curse
and ran off.] another thing, If you feel I have wronged you in the past, get over it. Kurai Kage is the best sport in the world. He didn't deserve it, I didn't pay him back, but still he forgave me. If Iit wasn't against my ethics I would kill 5000 lardge vermine just to give him the bounty back. don't come up to me and demand money. I have given enough away already.
    Here is another thing i just thought of! NO MORE KARMA ABUSE! I swear i have received at least 1000 bad karma from just repetive cursings. It is my beleif, my beliefs are always the true ones, that abusing the karma system is the worst possible crime. The karma system rests on the good nature of people, and the hope that they can create a just system to spot out dogooders, and nogoodniks. I beleive in this system so well that I would not even heal myself because of my bad karma. I am not upset about me getting cursed, I may very well deserve 1000 bad karma, but just the fact that it is being abused sickens me.
    This has been what I have to say I hope everyone reads it and takes it to heart, I don't want to repeat myself. If anything isn't clear, just ask me, I may not kill you. Yes I do have a Katana, but don't ask me about it (sorry for all the parenthasis)


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