TITLE:  "Heart-Stealing Zombies in Puddleby"
SUBMITTED: The 7th day of the 9th month.
AUTHOR: Llerendel Starchasm

    At exactly midnight EDT on Sunday, Puddleby was visited by a most unusual beastie.  As if the Death Vermine invasion wasn't enough, there were two attacks by some sort of zombie.
    I was so unsettled by the first attack that I stood nearly dumbfounded by the unusual shapeshifting ability so profoundly displayed.  But by the second, I recovered my wits and took some snapshots.
    As you can see in the first picture, the creature infiltrates town as an oddly-dressed halfling.   Orange hair, a green shirt, and purple pants, while being in dreadful bad taste, is not such an outrageous combination as to immediately stir alarm.  What is unusual, and highly noticeable, is that the beastie...
    Has No Name!
    No letters, just a thin blank line where a name should be.
    The beastie \yelled a cry, along the lines of "Afrit, I'm going to steal your heart."   And then proceeded to attack.  Our valiant defenders then gave him a piece of Puddleby retributive justice.  Upon turning red, a startling transformation took place.
    As shown in my second snapshot, the halfling transformed into a walking corpse.  And its true name appeared -- D'gan.
    Who is this D'gan?  Where did it come from?  Was it a trick of the unscrutable Ancients?  What does it bode for the exiles and for Puddleby? I cannot say.  Perhaps a reader will be able to decypher this mystery.

Your humble corrispondent,
Llerendel Starchasm

SUBJECT:The Evolution Of Ferals
SUBMITTED: The 6th day of the 9th month.
AUTHOR: Eli The Fox

Greetings fellow adventurers and studiers of wild beasts. I have made a discovery anout ferals-they have evolved!!
There are several new ferals about us-many more powerful than expected.

The largest of these feroucious beats gives 13 coins and is tougher than a one eyed Orga Berserk. Ther are some silver backed ferlas that give 5 and 6 coins-beware of there also. Then there are the ferlals adapted to the cold-snow ferals-lots of dangerous beats. Beware them all.

    One more thing

-beware the dark forest



Eli The Fox

TITLE:  "Orga Espionage"
SUBMITTED: The 5th day of the 9th month.
AUTHOR: Marcus Antonius of the Brotherhood of Independents.

    Many folks in Puddleby are familiar with the fine maps of the Tanglewood available from Snrub and myself. These maps have been carefully prepared and maintained to better enable our fellow exiles to find their way through the woods safely.
    In anticipation of possible capture of our maps during Orga raids or from corpses the Orga may find in the woods, Snrub and I were careful not to reveal any secrets that the Orga might find useful.
    Unfortunately this has proven to be insufficient; the Orgas have decided to change the very landmarks that make our maps so useful!
    Over the last few weeks the Orga have begun to alter the patterns of trees in the Tanglewood. Last night this shifting became very noticeable. Most obviously, the 3 pattern and 4 pattern are now almost unrecognizeable. Indeed, I forsee a time when the Orga will have eradicated the patterns altogether!
    As a result, I will be updating my maps with sketches of the new tree patterns on a regular basis. For convenience sake I will continue to refer to the pattern numbers unless better names become apparant.

Thank you for your time and may the spirits guide your steps.
Marcus Antonius

TITLE:  Llerendel on Travelling
SUBMITTED: the 5th day of the 9th month.
AUTHOR: Llerendel Starchasm

A Note from the Editor: This is a great article on Traveling. A must read for everyone! I decided to just use a link because the author already has the page up on the web.  I expect over time (and the game changes) she will make additions and improvements to her guide.  By Just providing a link I give her the ability to keep her guide as up to date as possible while not having to wait on a slow-poke like me.

anyway here is the link: Llerendel on Travelling

TITLE:  Vampires: The First Encounter
SUBMITTED: the 5th day of the 9th month.
AUTHOR: Lord Krake

    As some of you may know, Vampires flourish in the western continent.  Now it is apparent that they have migrated to Puddleby.  This is indeed need for alarm.  I shall tell the story of the first encounter.
    I was coming back to Puddleby after aqquiring my new grey pants.  As I walked into town, their was much discussion about a Vampire in the Undine cavern.  I was indeed shocked by this (if you did not know, my father was a notorious vampire hunter).  I, myself, have never come face to face with a vampire, and of course, I needed to see this for myself.  So I was off to the cavern.
    When I reached the cavern, it seemed surprisingly dead (no pun intended).  Not even Undine flourished here.  That is, until I moved further.  Where the Magical Wraith and bottomless pit were, I saw him for the first time: A vampire.
    It is said that the greatest and oldest emotion is fear.  It is also said the greatest and oldest fear is fear of the unknown.  They are right.
    For some, if a fear is great enough, it can cause loss of sanity.  I am a fine example of that.  After seeing this vampire, I lost the ability to speak or hear.  I had never seen anything like this before.  When I did begin to hear, I was blinded, and my head was filled with noise.  Oh, Iíll never forget the moans and screams of pain that echoed through my brain.  Everyone I saw, friend and foe alike, had become Undine, at least in my mind.  I screamed to make it stop, but it wouldnít.  That was my most terrible expierence in these lands.
    But suddenly, everything seemed normal again.  Well, normal would be a wrong word, but I seemed mentally healthy again.  So, I ran back to where the vampire was.  He was actually speaking.  It seems that he was angry that we attacked him, that we had no manors at all.  I guess he was right.  Out of fear we struck at him.  Then, I was able to push and pull my way to him, and asked him the question that has been running through my mind: ìDid you know my father?î
    For a moment, the vampire was silent.  He then looked away, and murmured, ìYes.î  He then disappeared down the bottomless pit.
    What I heard both shocked and surprised me.  Finally, their is someone who knows my father out their.  But did he hate him or was he friends with him.  I want to meet this vampire again, and discuss my father. Except I wonít let anyone attack him this time.

  Lord Krake

TITLE:  First Puddleby Marriage
SUBMITTED: the 4th day of the 9th month.
AUTHOR: Morpheus

    Congratulations to Nomad and Nymph on their recent marriage, making them  the first couple in Puddleby to get married! An unofficial marriage registry has been  set up for all to see. Pictures of their wedding have been posted!
    I will be taking care of the marriage registry, so if you have intentions  on becoming the next lucky couple in Puddleby, give me a shout. My Puddleby mail address is morpheus@beer.myna.com.

Great Sage of the Dark Cloaks

TITLE: "My tale of absence"
SUBMITTED: the 3rd day of the 9th month.
AUTHOR: Night Lord

    I was summoned by a small Dwarven Clan across the waves upon an isle far from the one we Exiles call our new home, and Puddleby. Being an experienced Blacksmith and Runesmith (under Snorri Ironfist no less!) I accepted. The trip took several gut-wrenching weeks (We Dwarves are a land loving folk, I dislike the sea.) then finally land appeared, and we put into the small port. I was needed more than I thought. I arrived to see war in the streets! Soldiers bearing Mobieus's crest and livery perpetrated it. I was thrown into the midst of this, but finally, through many a long battle, fought my way to where the survivors were. They told me grim stories of when Mobieus's men arrived, and slaughtered all they saw, even though welcomed. The Isle, wich I learned was named Grimnir's Tear, had been beseiged. The Dwarves who dwelled there had left the mainland long before Mobieus's madness, and so it was here they found peace, until Mobieus found them!
    Now, I agreed to aid them, and we set about our task. An army was readied, and we marched to battle. I am pleased to report the enemy was repelled from the Grimnir's Tear, but am greived to say that our leader, Prince Kadnor, was slain in the conflict. We found many bodies heaped at his feet however. So thus was done my part. I heard that there had been numerous seiges back on Puddleby from merchants whom came to port on the isle, and so I booked passage to return. This is where fate played a nasty trick upon me.
    The Merchant was a wesealy human, and for reasons I have yet to fathom, took us to the Mainland! I was terrified to be frank, bearing the tattoo of an Exile upon my arm, I would be executed if found. I fled the city (another many pages in itself) and in the woods, I ran into a Gorak Zo. He bore no livery, but wore rough hide clothes. I hailed him, and we talked for a bit. He called himself The Mercenary for reasons known only to him, and would not speak of himself more so than that. But, he knew a trader who was heading back to Puddleby, and got me passage. I spent one last day with him, and we talked yet more. I pursauded him to come with me back (the inviting promise of an unspoiled land I think lured him, or the treasures I mentioned...)
    And so I return, Lord Braveheart. Weary, worn, but ready to meet with the whole Clan again. And ALWAYS ready for battle. My hatred of Mad Mobieus has grown as well. I shall not forget the poor people of Grimnir's Tear either. And there it is, my tale of absence.

As always, I am at your service, if you need, you have but to ask.
-Night Lord
-Dwarven Warrior explorer of the great Sun Dragon Clan

TITLE: The Incessant Ramblings Of An Egomaniac
SUBMITTED: the 28th day of the 8th month.
AUTHOR: Rutabaga, a healer

        It may occur to those who know of me that there is something different about my appearance these days. Namely, the black belt that I now wear around me waist, amongst other things. I shall tell you of how I came to possess this strip of cloth I now display with pride.
    It has been several cycles of the moon, too many to remember, in which I have been struggling with the fact that as a wielder of magic, I tended to be lacking in my capability to attack and defend myself by way of physical means. Namely, by non-magical methods. Naturally, not being one to be satisfied with pursuits of the mind alone (me magical experiments, if you not be following), I decided to improve my physical form, thereby setting out on a quest to locate the elusive being known to me only by the name of "Master". I spent several cycles traveling through the leech infested swamp up and through to the tangled bushes and shrubs of Tangle Woods. My search came up empty, and all hope seemed lost, until I stumbled upon something few if any have ever seen.
    It occurred to me that I had somehow been teleported by magical means to a field of flowery bliss, in which there sat a lone figure, not moving, not even breathing, or so it seemed. I walked up to the being to gain a closer look, yet "it" (I can only describe this being as an "it", for an attempt at a description would be futile) did not seem to notice I was approaching, as the one eye it had remained closed. I stopped inches away from it and spoke out loud, "Hello", I said, "Are you the one responsible for my being here?" Still nothing. It appeared to be oblivious to my existence, yet determined as I was to have it acknowledge my presence, I extended an arm out in order to touch it's personage. It's eye shot open, "Do you wish to train with the Master?" it boomed. Startled, the only thing I could say was, "Well, yes!" So then it began. I do not wish to go into detail about the trials this creature put me through, suffice it to say, I was drained physically, as well as mentally. After what seemed like days, although it was hard to tell in this strange environment, the Master as I came to know it said onto me, "Go now, and do not return until you deem yourself abled enough to strike me. Only then will you attain the physical prowess for which you seek!" And with that, I was returned to the town of Puddleby.
    Remembering my training, I decided to continue with it in the hopes of eventually being able to face the Master, and strike it. As time went by, I began to wonder how I would be able to return to the Master's lands when I was ready. Yet I continued my exercises undaunted. Then one day, as I was completing me daily routine, a thought struck me, like the blow of a Greymyr Chieftain. "I think I be as ready as I ever will be", I said to meself. With that, I was once again in the lands of the Master, and it was once again just sitting in an open field. I walked up to it, and stopped in front of it's face, or what passes for a face on such a creature anyway. It spoke to me once more, "You will have one chance to strike, and no more!" I assumed it meant this would be my only chance, so not wishing to let it pass by, I lashed out immediately with an attack in which I had garnered would be the only way to hit it, administering an optical contusion upon the "Master" (For those who not be understanding, I poked it in the eye). The only response from it was a short grunt. "You have obtained that for which you were seeking". With that, the Master gave me a black strip of cloth. "Wear this around your waist, and remember your training!" To the town I was returned once more, and I donned the belt for the first time. I wondered if I would ever come to be in the presence of the Master again, yet my musings were immediately interrupted. It seemed I would have the opportunity to use me new skills right away, for the town was being invaded. I leaped into battle, with a grin upon my face.....

Rutabaga, a healer

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