TITLE: Puddleby Vs. an Arachnoid (Or the Tale of One-hundred Inept Fighters)
SUBMITTED: the 22th day of the 8th month.
AUTHOR: Lord Krake

    I am constantly reminded in the town of Puddleby how incredbly inept some people are at their profession.  On one exetremely lethal day (it didnžt have to be, though),  it was shown to the world how poor leadership skills, and poor team  skills some of the residents have.
    To start it all off, I had just popped into town when an Orga Warrior attacked the town.  I almost knew this was going to be an Orga raid, and I was wondering if I should help our denizens out during the fight or not (Read my theory about the Orgas to understand).  But then, I was surprised when a single green Arachnoid showed up in the middle of town.

    Claw and I were some of the first to attack the monstrosity.  Unfortunatly, Claw was one of the first to fall to itžs claws (Ironic, huh?).  Several others showed up, but it seemed like know one could pierce itžs exoskeleton.
    After a while, more and more people showed up to fight.  This is when things got messy.  Overly-eager blood-lusting fighters ran up right in back of the people already fighting, pinning them with know where to run to.  Because of this, know one could escape, so several died because of a small (stupid) mistake.
    Now, the snow-ball effect happened.  The place filled up until almost the entire town (around 110 people) were there, trying, and failing to push there way to the front.  That wasnžt the only bad thing though.  The crowds seemed to have stirred up the horrible whether condition known to most as, „Lag.ū  This was one of the most powerful storms yet, and it caused several seizures, some temporary blindness to several town members (Me included).
    One time, which couldžve proven exetremly lethal, I was struck with long-term temporary blindness, in which, as the Laughing Academy would say, made me run around like a chicken with itžs head cut off.  Eventually, I fell off of the docks (The Sea Captain stole five coppers from me, too), and the current took me to, of all places, Ash Island.  Luckily, the storm haddenžt hit the cursed Island.  Thatžs good, cause a Darshak Thug was about to give me a good thrashing with his rapier.  I then jumped into a nearby boat, and headed back to the town of Puddleby to help the others.
    Back at the town we call home, the whether was clearing up.  There was also less of a crowd.  In just a few minutes, the Arachnoid was dead.  But it took a total of 30 (yes, 30) minutes to kill a creature that is often killable in five minutes.  This couldžve been easier if people were less arrogant, and not crowd honorable fighters who are risking there lives to save the rest of Puddleby!
    As a final note, I understand that I probably did not get the whole story (I was running from Darshak part of the time!).  If you have another viewpoint of the battle, please send it in to the Puddleby Post.  Thanks.
    As another final note, I do understand that a lot of the residents of Puddleby are not arrogant or inept, but in this case, there were a whole lot of arrogant fighters!   I would like to give a big thanks Darshak Hunter, Gimli Elfriend, Claw, Dugar and everyone else who I forgot (sorry) who did a good job in leading to the defeat of the Arachnoid.  Another big thanks to all of the Healers, because they did a really great job!
TITLE: More on that Orga theory
SUBMITTED: the 20th day of the 8th month.
AUTHOR: Immortal Soul

In our last exciting episode, Lord Krake wrote:


    If you think about it, he is right. We have been murdering Orga with little or no consideration or remorse. And not just Orgas either. We feel we have a right to live, and yet we also seem to have a right to butcher those in our path. It's a very interesting moral conflict.
    However, I need to make an observation. The Orga have no reason to attack us simply because we have settled here on this island. We are animals the same as them, and saying they have a right to settle here while we do not is just stupid. Everyone needs a place to live (I say 'everyone' because the Orga are humanoid).
    The reason they have been attacking us (and I mentioned this awhile back in "The Puddleby Post") is because we have been attacking them. While it may be true that many of our citizens do die while on raids to the Orga camp, so do many of the Orga, keeping in mind it is THEIR settlement. It is not difficult to imagine the Orgas attacking us back, either for reasons of fear, revenge, or motivation by higher powers.
    Indeed, we (as Humans, Dwarves, Ghorak Zo, Thoom etc.) are not as tall as Greymyr, and do not all have the strength of a Tree Spirit, and don't have the bite of a Cougar or the claws of a Maha Ruknee. We don't even have any magic like the Spriggins. None of those advantages are ours, yet we pose the greatest threat to the Orgas out of all else. No wonder we are at the top of their hit list.

Immortal Soul.

TITLE: A theory about Orgas
SUBMITTED: the 18th day of the 8th month.
AUTHOR: Lord Krake

Dear friends, There is much controversey over if the Orga are good or evil.  My theory?  Neither.
        You see, WE did come storming into THEIR land, whether we wanted to or not.  I believe that it is technicly our own fault that Orga's have been attacking our town.  They want to send us on our merry way, because we have intruded upon their space.
        Another thing, we all act like that the Orga are so horrible because they raid our town.  If you say that you are a Hipocrit!  We've been raiding their towns and area's long before they even touched Puddleby!  We've been killing their kind for fun and profit since we arrived on this rock!  And still, there are some Orga out there that will heal us, but what do we do?  We butcher them like the rest!  Don't you all see?
The Orga are not monsters.  WE ARE THE MONSTERS!

                Lord Krake

TITLE: Darshak Invasion...
SUBMITTED: the 16th day of the 8th month.
AUTHOR: Immortal Soul

[Note: The times mentioned in this article have been altered to GMT].

It all started with this seemingly innocent and uninteresting entry in the message log:

8/16/98 07:19:17 highlander has fallen to a Darshak Blade in Puddleby.

However, pretty soon, more and more entries of similar caliber started flooding the message panes of clanners all around the land.

  8/16/98 07:19:34 Kellwin has fallen to a Darshak Blade in Puddleby.
  8/16/98 07:19:35 Rutabaga has fallen to a Darshak Blade in Puddleby.
  8/16/98 07:19:41 Cycloptia has fallen to a Darshak Marine in Puddleby.
  8/16/98 07:19:45 Pugsly has fallen to a Darshak Marine in Puddleby.
  8/16/98 07:20:19 Gonae iii has fallen to a Darshak Blade in Puddleby.

I was not able to record the opening battle scene, or find out where they came from, due to some technical problems...

  8/16/98 07:18:08 Immortal Soul has fallen to a Maha Ruknee in the South Forest.

    ...however, I soon was able to investigate this and found that Puddleby had been invaded by an assortment of Darshaks, including Acolytes, Blades, Marines and Priests. Headed by these was the mysterious "Dark Stalker", which we believe was controlled by a higher force, due to its intelligence among the seemingly simple-minded Darshaks and its superior strength. 'It' also told tell Rutabaga to "play nice", something which he resented deeply (just ask him). The Dark Stalker was eventually killed by Dude, and we were informed that:

  8/16/98 07:35:01 The Dark Stalker's body is consumed in black fire.

    Other than that, the invasion caused total mayhem. People were dead all over the town, from the beaches right next to our town to just beyond the three gates into Puddleby. Thankfully, the combined force of all our wills and the sheer weight of our numbers meant we were able to repulse the invaders and heal everyone.

    So why am I posting this relatively minor event among many? To highlight the growth in intelligence among several humanoid species (including orgas). Although it is obvious that the Dark Stalker was an exception, by being controlled by higher powers, what happens if these higher powers are able to imbue this intelligence upon the relatively mindless legions of darshaks? We only overcame this invasion through teamwork & intelligence, as we always do. If the darshaks gain this power too, despite their brainwashing, we may suddenly find ourselves faced with a far greater threat, and this time, we may not be able to stop them annihilating Puddleby...

Immortal Soul.

TITLE: "An Enemy Is Amongst Us"
SUBMITTED: the 15th day of the 8th month.
AUTHOR: Marcus Antonius of The Brotherhood of Independents

Every exile to Puddleby has had a run in with someone they believe to be the true spawn of the unholy one. Most folk seem to have settled on Teioh as their choice of most evil exile in town. I have to tell you that this is not so.

Many of you have met me and know me as a helpful but solitary individual. I would like to think that I have earned your respect and good wishes, so I am at a loss to explain what has happened.

Here is my tale of woe and misfortune.

Late last night and early this morning I made my usual run through the Tanglewood. As always I hunted Orga, I hunted Death Vermine, I hunted wood.

After a particularly tiring battle with some larger Vermine specimens I decided to retreat to the meadow for a well earned rest.

In the meadow I found an Orga Anger. For some reason I was posessed by the strong desire to kill it. If you had seen my physical state at that time you would have thought: "Has he lost his mind? Well, that is one soon-to-be-dead exile." Needless to say, I attacked it immediatly! I dodged. I attacked. I dodged some more. Eventually I had the Anger near the point of death and he had me there as well.

Sanity returned.

I knew that one more attack would be enough to slay the Anger. I also knew that one more attack would slay me. In all prudence I decided to retreat to the tunnel in the meadow to rest before finishing off the Anger.


As I ran towards the tunnel entrance I tripped. The Anger had me! With one blow he slew me and my body tumbled down into the tunnel.


As I lay in the tunnel cursing my mistake and preparing to yell I could hear somebody outside slaying the Anger! I had only been dead for moments and rescue was here! I immediatly started to yell: "I'm dead in here!" ....Silence...."Hello?!"......."Come on, there has to be somebody out there!"........"You just killed the Anger! I know you're there!"

Nobody responded.

I know somebody was there. I know they heard my yells.

This is the true evil we face. It isn't Teioh with his nightly broadcasts. It isn't somebody thoughtlessly taking you kill. Somewhere amongst us is a truly evil soul plotting all of our deaths. That is what we must guard against.

Thank you for your time. May the Spirit Lords guide your steps.

TITLE: "Clarification"
SUBMITTED: the 14th day of the 8th month.
AUTHOR: Immortal Soul.

In our last exciting episode, Elkhorn wrote:

> Is strange how twisted yer tale be, in the arena, you should not curse,
> and should not curse continually. That is what happened when I would not
> allow the exile to be healed.

I agree with you on this point. It only annoys people further. If they don't want to die they should only fight those they know they beat, accept that they may become slain from time to time, or else avoid the arena entirely.

> And as far as blatantly killing healers? You should pay more attention
> to your memory than your emotions. One healer tried to heal the bad
> loser AFTER my warning, then he recieved a warning attack, a single blow
> (not fatal by any means) So how do I be doing wrongly? Others actions
> dictated my REACTIONS.

This is still as bad however. The healer is only doing his/her primary job, and that is to heal. Who are you to decide who should and who should not be healed? Even if they are a crybaby? I agree that it may teach them a lesson, but they are more likely to cause trouble for you in the long run. The best way of changing peoples attitudes is to tarnish their image by reporting what they are doing to the general public. If they suddenly see that they won't get support or sympathy unless they mend their ways, you can trust they will become a pillar of society overnight, simply because of their need to fit in socially.

> Constant cursing for getting killed in arena or any other reason is
> similar to a small child crying for not getting piece of candy. Which
> is exactly what that person is, a baby.

Perhaps. For this particular incident I wouldn't know; you didn't outline the situation to me.

> So before you be getting all uptight over someone solving common arena
> problem(cursing for getting killed) Maybe you should think about both
> sides of the coin.

Although it is true I encountered Elkhorn in the arena, in the situation described above, he was NOT the basis for my article. The person in question is someone else, and I was astonished at the evil people that can live among us. I didn't publish the person's name, primarily because I've forgotten, but also because that would most likely cause the Clan Lord equivalent of a "witch-hunt", where the person themselves is not burned at the stake, just their reputation. And if I made a mistake and named the wrong person, an innocent bystander would suddenly find themselves laden with all the bad karma, hate & mistrust that they could handle.

Elkhorns' deeds pale in comparison.

Immortal Soul.

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