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This scroll contains pictures of the Dwarven Militia in action. Members:


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I guess this is one of the oldest pictures I ever took. Mandos was one of the only "raceless" characters back then, and a wannabe mystic. I became a halfling healer after that became too trendy. Anyway, this was the only way to get chains back then. They would appear in the middle of the Orga Camp.

Here I am fallen in the Abyss for the first time.

This is the time when the "hand" first appeared, now a famous event. Ode has drawn a picture of it I think. Anyway, as I recall Minx was telling us not to go on the lawn... Note that Warplet's name is not in italics. This took place between the time of the Great Forgetting and the opening of Clan Registration, which lasted months and months.

Spit obliged and got dragged under the earth. Spit and I actually became pretty good friends around that time, and after I beat her a few times in the arena (both of us were healers) I taught her how to fight. She eventually became famous for being able to defeat JoMamma, I believe.

Here we have a "load test," where they promised free ranks to get as many people online at the same time as possible. Some interesting things to note, including Joy's axe, and Malkor's nametag... he only became respectable quite recently. ;>

One day I got turned into a leech! This happened every once in a while back then.

Then were the times when they would save the database before the reset for a new version, and "nothing mattered" for about 5 hours. Then the gods went wild. The drake in this picture is Thorin.

This is previous to version 59. The gods randomly changed peoples clothes and skin. One of my favorite pictures. (Picture by Fensaith.)

Here I am on my first visit to the Greymyr Chief. Some people on the sunstone were joking around that "if you talk to him long enough he makes you a mystic!!" Boy, there were some bogus rumors back then.

I restarted my character (by visiting Death right before a reset and then creating him again) so he could become an apprentice mystic, back when the first two quests appeared. If anyone wants to know how I pulled it off and still kept white pants, it's because white pants were an item then, and the merchants still let you sell pants. Still my favorite clothes item *nostalgic sigh*. Anyway. This was the first mystic building, currently the site of the casino.

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