Here is stored all known knowledge pertaining to the history of the Dwarven Race, the Dwarven Militia, and its members. All of these articles have been submitted by members of the Dwarven Militia. Please feel free to peruse them at your leisure.

The Dwarven Militia Song
Author: Baal Fairbane
Description: A song about the Dwarven Militia written by one of our members.

The Founding
Author: Jono
Description: A brief history of the founding of the Dwarven Militia and of its leadership, as told by our founder.

Krandor's Tale
Author: Krandor
Description: Of the land of Mishkor Val, the coming of the Emperor, and Krandor's exile.

Hax Fireborn's Tale
Author: Loki Mage
Description: Tale of one fine Dwarf's battles and exile.

Marmoset's Story
Author: Marmoset
Description: Of Marmoset's former life, and her coming to these islands.

Math Son of Ironforge
Authors: Math
Description: An album of some of Math's adventures.

Ptolemy's History
Author: Ptolemy
Description: Ptolemy's mystic quest and journey to these islands.

Shard's History
Author: Shard
Description: Tale of Shard and his family and how he was exiled.

The Sons of Ironforge
Authors: Warplet and Math
Description: The tale of the Sons of Ironforge, their ancestry, their homeland, their coming to these isles, and their destiny.

The Temple of Gaia
Author: Math
Description: Dedicated to the great goddess Gaia.

Many more tales and histories by Dwarves about Dwarves are available at the Dwarven History Homepage.

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