Preamble. The Threefold Goal of the Dwarven Militia.
  1. To get rich.
  2. To get powerful.
  3. To get drunk.

Article I: Duty. Dwarves generally despise having to follow rules, and the Dwarven Militia respects the need for individuality among the membership. Therefore:

  1. There is NO required uniform.
  2. There are NO clan dues.
In return for such freedom, the Dwarven Militia hopes for great loyalty from its members. Members are expected to follow a few simple rules if they wish to remain members of the clan. It is also hoped that, although there are no dues, those who are able will donate copper to the clan. These funds will go towards the castle and other ventures that will increase the power of all the clan. If this works well we will also be able to buy Axes and Sunstones for members without them.

Hey, watch where you're walking, I don't mean any trouble.

Article II: Behavior. Except when drunk, members of the Dwarven Militia are expected to behave well and honorably. The world will judge the Dwarven Militia based on the actions of its individual members. In particular:

  1. Always try to help those in need. Someday they will be the ones rescuing you.
  2. Help introduce people to the world. It can be very confusing when you are first exiled.
  3. Watch your language. It's okay to '\swear' or '\action curses.' But refrain from using real offensive language. Council members may give you bad karma.
  4. Always try to uphold the best interests of the clan.
  5. Taking someone to court is highly unadvised. If you have a legitimate reason for taking someone to court, it is recommended that you get the approval and backing of the clan council beforehand.
  6. Spread our fame. Yell "BEER!" loudly and often.


Article III: Interaction. Members of the Dwarven Militia treat other members like kin, as if each other member were their cousin.

  1. If another member of the clan has fallen, rescue him!
  2. When you first get to the lands, try to remember to share with five people right away. It's easy to pick out your fellow clansmen from the player list, and non-fighters especially will appreciate the share. This is a good way to help the clan become more powerful.
  3. Get to know your clan. If you see a fellow member, say hello.
  4. Share good karma. Thank fellow clansmen and others at every opportunity. It's free and it's friendly.
  5. No clan is currently our enemy. Do not start "wars" with other clans, especially our allies, without approval from the council. Our enemies are monsters, Orga, and Darshaks.
  6. Treat our allies with especial respect and courtesy. Our allies are:
    a. Clans in the Castle Alliance.
    b. The Rua'n Famkul.
    c. Honorary Members of the Dwarven Militia.
  7. Remember to have fun. If there is something the clan can do to make it more fun, let a council member know.
  8. Also remember that the pubs in town need our business to survive. Don't worry about drinking all the beer in town. We have an agreement with them, they won't run out.

Gertie! Haul up another barrel; gonna be a busy night.

Article IV: Leadership. The Dwarven Militia does not have elaborate ranks and politics like some of the other great clans. Again, the clan operates like a family, and each member looks upon the other as a cousin. The clan recognizes only these distinctions:

  1. Honorary Member: These are people who have done a great service to the clan. They do not have full membership, but the clan wishes to thank them by bestowing this great honor. An honorary member may also be a member of another clan.
  2. Member: Every member of the Dwarven Militia enjoys equal rights and full membership.
  3. Lord/Lady: This distinction of honor among all exiles is especially honored in the Militia. Members who have earned this title can be looked to for leadership in any venture.
  4. Council Member: A small council of approximately five members decides broad policy and is in charge of the day-to-day running of the clan. These are usually lords, nominated by the existing council and approved at a scheduled meeting of the clan. The current council consists of:
    1. Hoggle
    2. Gimli
    3. Math
    4. Skirwan
    5. Warplet
  5. Clan Lord: The leader of the council. The Clan Lord is always a member of the council. Current Clan Lord: Warplet.

Go here for more info on the council.

Article V: Membership. To become a member of the Dwarven Militia, an exile must attend a regularly scheduled clan meeting and declare his intent. At a subsequent meeting the council member chairing the meeting may call for a general vote at his discretion. Upon a consensus of yea, the hopeful may be signed up by a council member. Under no circumstances may a new member be signed up by anyone other than a council member. Under some rare circumstances a council member may sign up a new member without a clan vote.

Hopefuls should make an effort to befriend Dwarven Militia members and hunt with them whenever possible. DM is not meant to be a very exclusive clan, but it is important to ensure that the potential member fits in, is pleasant company, and will be an asset to the clan. It is fairly easy for a good Dwarf to join. While this is a clan of Dwarves for Dwarves, we like having friends from other races in the clan as long as they strongly fit in with our beliefs and goals and understand that the clan is about Dwarves and Dwarven virtues.

Glorak belches.

Article VI: Expulsion. When a member repeatedly violates of the charter, including any articles therein (bad language, being found frivolous or guilty in court, etc.) it will cause the council to review his membership. If a member is particularly misbehaved or in any way reflects badly on the clan or breaks its rules, the council will warn the member that he is in danger of expulsion if he does not change his ways. This step may be skipped for very serious violations. If further violations occur after being warned, the member will be asked to turn in his clan symbol and leave the clan. If the member refuses, the Clan Lord will ask the Ancients to confiscate the clan symbol. Such cases of expulsion even being considered are, of course, very rare and unfortunate.

Coat of Arms