Warplet, Math, Gimli, Skirwan, and Hoggle
The Dwarven Militia Leadership Team

The Dwarven Militia Council members volunteer their time to try to make the Dwarven Militia the greatest clan ever. So far they have succeeded. Remember, they work hard and receive no priviledges. You need to remove something from each email address to send them (anti spam measure!)

Warplet, Son of Ironforge
Position: Clan Lord
Profession: Healer
Puddleby Mailbox: 1191
Enchanted Mail: warplet@beer.dwarvenmilitia.com
Warplet is the Clan Lord of the Dwarven Militia, also known as Militia Leader, Council Chairman, General, or King. He oversees all rulership of the clan. He handles most outside relations, and oversees the Castle Alliance.

Math, Son of Ironforge
Position: Council Member
Profession: Mystic
Puddleby Mailbox: 1098
Enchanted Mail: math@beer.dwarvenmilitia.com
Math is second-in-command in the clan. He creates and updates clan scrolls and handles most Dun'ilsar challenges.

Gimli the Weak
Position: Council Member
Profession: Fighter
Puddleby Mailbox: 1410
Enchanted Mail: kthompson20@beer.austin.rr.com
Gimli has been in the Militia longer than anyone else, is active and reliable, and one of our strongest fighters to boot. He provides steady leadership and performs many useful tasks, including leading hunts, recruiting, and brewing beer.

Position: Council Member
Profession: Bloodmage
Puddleby Mailbox: 2408
Enchanted Mail: skerwin@beer.mac.com
We have an aggregate height requirement for clan officers, so when Humbaba stepped down we promoted Skirwan. We're not entirely sure he understands what that means -- we're not entirely sure he knows where he is, most of the time -- but he's generally friendly and he yells 'BEER!' a lot, so we think we'll keep him.

Position: Council Member
Profession: Ranger
Puddleby Mailbox: 2288
Enchanted Mail: a_fizgig@beer.yahoo.com
Witty description forthcoming.

The Dwarven Militia Council hard at work
Warplet, Math, Gimli, Skirwan, and Hoggle