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The Dwarven Militia is the second oldest clan around and, unlike some of the other old clans like the Black Veil, the DM has stood the test of time. It's hard to believe that all this was started by four fun-loving dwarves who were hunting in the Myrm Hive one day.

It's a long time ago, but I remember me, NightLord, Mojo, and Vex. We had all met up in the hive by fate and were fighting merrily, when Gaia showed up. I don't remember exactly what she said, but it was something around the lines of "you silly dwarves should make a clan". At that time no one had really thought of making a third clan. The SDC was huge, and its members were strong; BV was strange and made little sense to most of us. I don't know if it was all the beer we'd been drinkin' earlier or the sight of Gaia, but soon all four of us loved the idea of being the True Dwarven Clan.

Soon we were a full-fledged clan, and our roster was growing rapidly. It seemed at one point as though more than half of Puddleby was the DM, they were having fun, getting drunk. I should have realized earlier that someone would want to take my position as leader of this Great clan.

Soon there were three people battling for leadership of DM: me (Bobwa), Mojo (one of the founders), and Doli (he had been gaining support). We called for a vote, with me, Mojo, and Doli in the running. I had not been thinking and assumed I would get all the votes, but it was close: Mojo was within 1 vote of me, and Doli was within 6 votes. Even though I now had control of the clan again, something was missing.

I had been talking with the Leaders of BV, about bringing me and my loyalist members into their clan. I talked to Mojo saying I was going to leave, he then dropped from the running, giving the clan to me. At that point in time I was not willing or capable of leading the DM, so I handed the clan over to Doli (at this time the clan had more than 50 members). I then went to BV which disappeared shortly after I joined. Doli was in charge of DM for a month or two before he disapeared. Then the clan fell into the hands of Bifur, whom I never knew [Editor's note: Bifur was, in fact, Doli]. Now the clan is in the hands of Warplet, and other great dwarves (Dresko, Math) the most capable leadership this clan has seen yet. It has good numbers (as always) and the same good ole drunken dwarven members.

The Dwarven Militia has gone through many changes, seen many leaders, and seen many clans come and go. No matter what happens DM will stand, as a role model for other clans to build from, and as long as Puddleby stands you will hear dwarves yelling BEER!

Written by Bobwa, now known as Jono, Son of Orion.

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