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And so it was, on that day, under the mountains of Zhumdorch, when the House of Voltar was in disarray -- brother fighting brother, sister fighting sister -- that the great Dwarven Father, Voltar, disgusted by what he saw, did command of his House: "Stop this fighting immediately!" The great Voltar was well known for his good temper. But brothers and sisters fighting one another was simply intolerable. "You must treat each other like brothers and sisters, for that is what you are!" his voice rumbled throughout his house; the tables shook from the power of his voice. "A Frostbeard must never dream about fighting one of his brothers or sisters! Let us settle this not with swords... Let there be Volympics!"

And thus, it was born. The great games. The great contest. Dwarves settling their differences not with swords and bloodshed, but rather with competition, and beer. And through the years, long after the time of Voltar, it became a quest of each of the Dwarven Houses to compete and win the great Volympics for the pride and honor it bestowed upon their House...

...and then came Mobius, and the games were banned...

...and then came Puddleby...

And now, the Dwarven Militia is proud to return this great tradition to our fair isles. For honor. For glory. For... BEER!

6 events. Over 10K in prizes. Over 10K in beer!

Compete against your fellow exiles, as you try to kill the mystic faster than they. Build honor for yourself, as you prove that you can race faster than your comrades while drunk. Show your might, by demonstrating that you can fight off 20 Dwarves singlehandedly in the quest to drink their beer...


Table of Contents 
Volympics Rules Event 1: Drunkathlon
Volympics Teams and Results Event 2: Keg Hunt
Volympics Scoring Event 3: Boat Race
Volympics Prizes Event 4: Shuffledwarf
Volympics History Event 5: Wildcard
Volympics Calendar Event 6: Drunken Pushball
Volympics Music Contest Drunken Pushball Line-up

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May the Great Bearded One smile on all competitors and let the beer flow freely!

The members of the Dwarven Militia.