The idea came up quite a long time ago that we should have Dwarven Militia t-shirts. Now, at long last, they are here, thanks to the hard work of Grumble and others! I got my shirts, and I am very impressed: they look great!

Go here to view the design of the front. This will be in small over the heart.

Go here to view the design of the back. This will be in large over the whole back. This is a rough design by Grumble--the whole thing will be redrawn by an artist. Glorak will most likely be in a different pose, and the "Damn the Emperor!" text will be in another font and color.

Sizes available for these black NO POCKET 100% cotton t-shirts will be S-XXXXL.

DM T-Shirts are currently unavailable. We are working on making them available once more. Information will be posted here when that happens.