Volume III, Number 3

TITLE: A Plea for Peace from the Red Quill
SUBMITTED: The 29th day of the 11th month
AUTHOR: Michael Aridfox

    Lord Warplet,
    Greetings to you and the Dwarven Militia. May your tankards ever be full and your thirst increasingly quenched.
    A troubling situation, this, which occasions the scroll your courrier has delivered of late. So long now have I respected you, Lord Warplet, and appreciated the excellence of character visible throughout your Dwarven Militia -- even from my first days here in these Lok'Grotton isles. That you honor our humble Red Quill so by expressing your concerns directly to us is a credit to your own inestimable wisdom and honor. Perhaps soon we might share a beer and a conversation on much more pleasant subjects.
    As Clan Lord, you can well imagine my deep concern for the welfare of each of our fellow Scholars in the Red Quill as well as the prosperity and preservation of peace here in our beloved Puddleby. Your recent missive indicates you discern threats both to persons and the greater welfare of Puddleby.
    You have politely urged "the leadership of the RQ to rethink their position on Lilit." As Master Scholar, therefore, I am delighted to inform you of my glad compliance with your stated wish and find my mind occupied with little else of late. I am indeed re-thinking this matter, pondering my position on Lilit. I don't believe I go too far in saying that the subject of our fellow scholar Lilit and her work has been much on the minds of every member of our scholarly fellowship.
    However, I do believe that equating my personal thoughts or opinions (in regard to this or any other matter) with some sort of definitive "Red Quill" position is a dangerous overestimation of my role in this fellowship, and grievous underestimation of the independence of thought essential and beneficial to the scholarly pursuit.
    Our unity as a fellowship, Lord Warplet, is a unity in scholarly purpose, not of personal opinion. Each of our fellow scholars possess a united commitment to fulfilling their roles in this community to the best of their ability, but the Red Quill does not (indeed cannot) dictate anyone's profession or pursuits. Likewise, we are each united in an attempt to exhume the history of these lands that all may benefit from it, but each posesses the intellectual freedom and independence of thought to research those historical matters of interest or concern to them. So also, together we are united in desire to contribute significantly to the future -- but certainly a great diversity exists among us as to what matters each deems 'significant.' History alone will itself be the judge of such contributions, significant or not.
    Were we a funding organization and not an association of scholarly colleagues, then perhaps a certain 'Red Quill' position of support for one particular project or another might well be argued. But we fund no member's individual research. We've no academic grants or endowments at our disposal.
    This Fellowship of the Red Quill was established to fill the academic and historical void that has existed on this island and the entire continent of Shan'Deral ever since the Darshaks destroyed most every community and institution of higher learning -- at first directly, and then through their minion Mobius. Nothing would delight the Darshak more, I'm quite certain, than to continue succeeding in stifling all divergence of thought and belief, drawing us all into a contented stupor and willing acceptance of their deceptive dogma.
    At it's essence, Lord Warplet, the Darshak theocracy is precisely that -- a _THEOCRACY_!! It is the theological rule of every corner and quarter of this world they are able to lull into their hypnotic grasp. So it is (in my opinion) that research into many and diverse areas of historical theology is invaluable to us, if we are ever to unearth the wisdom of many generations before us that will hold and preserve us against the tyrrany of the Darshak. There be powers beyond us in this world, m'lord, and I do pray there be powers stronger than the Darshak cult.
    You likely know of my own theological research into the person and work of Falinea. Good Maldacht does labor in our midst to bring the light of the Sun to shine throughout the lands. Babajaga and others follow Gaia. Truly, the Red Quill is no theocracy attempting to dictate the beliefs of our own fellow scholars nor of any others in the lands. Indeed, your own Tarf has been reported of late embracing and orating on some Phallus god or other.
    Red Quill does not advocate any particular faith, though individuals within Red Quill espouse various and diverse beliefs. Red Quill does not support any one research project or scholar, save by preserving an atmosphere where individuals of divergent interests and passions might pursue them free from the shackles of Mobius' stifling stranglehold on all that is or has been called knowledge. In short, Red Quill has no united and definitive position regarding Lilit, though individuals holding the full array of possible opinions are united here in their committment to fulfilling our individual roles in the community, retrieving lost history, and contributing significantly to the future of our isle.
    Truly, good Warplet, I beseech you in the name of whatever you call holy and just -- even in the name of _Beer_ to I beseech you and yours to join with me in putting an end to this talk of war and community hostility toward this little fellowship of scholars. I implore you, Lord Warplet, to aid your clan in understanding the distinction between the opinions of an individual Red Quill scholar and the goals of the whole of the Red Quill. Too much knowledge has been lost, too much blood shed, exceedingly too much hatred bandied about in our world by Mobius and his intolerant ilk. Our goals as leaders of our respective groups and in this Puddlebean community, I believe with my entire being, are not in opposition to one another. Whatever various opinions individual members of the Dwarven Militia may hold regarding Lilit, I assure you the same are to be found among the Red Quill.
    Regarding rumors of an assassination attempt against Tarf, name the villians who lust for this young dwarf's blood and I will join you in arms against them -- for his research into historical theology, though differing from my own beliefs, is as valuable to the community as my own and I would not see it ended. Regarding evidence of a Lilit/Darshak alliance, please do bring it forth -- for if this be true (as ghastly an improbability as it be) I will not rest until together you and I expose it for all to see and stand together, Dwarf by Thoom, you with your axe and I with my quill and sword, in united opposition to the Darshak tyrrany of violence, ignorance and intellectual intolerance.
    Insofar as the appearance of some sort of official 'RQ sanction' to the efforts of any individual scholar in our Fellowship, I can only hope that my words thus far suffice to clarify that point. Our Red Quill is united indeed, but united only in most _general_ goals of fostering and preserving an intellectual freedom and community in which to ask hard questions -- even in defiance of the mad emporer Mobius himself, and search diligently for answers to them.
    I plead with you once more, Lord Warplet, son of Ironforge, Decendant of Zorax, House of Zarganax:

    Hate is born of ignorance.
    Ignorance the son of cowardice.
    The many generations of Cowardice will surely
    be the death of us all, if the Darshak have
    their way and continue to succeed in stifling
    all creative & divergent thought and belief.

    Let us be brave together, your Dwarven Militia and our Red Quill -- brave enough to sit side by side in peace, drink side by side of beer no longer brewed by bitter Darshaks, and think of those thoughts that will end the tyranical rule of that foul Theocracy. If we must go to war, let it be together -- and against that enemy which exiled the whole lot of us here in the Lok'Grotton isles, murdering our families, destroying our lives and careers and which enemy labors day by day to insure we remain without scroll, scholar, history or knowledge. I gladly avail myself unto you and yours toward the end that I and the scholars of the Fellowship of the Red Quill might be and remain in truth and peace fully

    At your service,

    Michael Aridfox

    Master Scholar of the
    Fellowship of the Red Quill

TITLE: Re: A Plea for Peace from the Red Quill
SUBMITTED: The 29th day of the 11th month

    Pffft! Mikey bein too nice. You wanna fight with the RQ over who we kin have in our Fellowship? Bring it on! We'll wipe up the floor wit'ya and then sit down to a nice relaxing drink of yer now defenseless BEER!
    Mind yer own business, DM. You gotta problem wit Lilit, that yer business. Don't try to make RQ have a problem wit her too.
    Unlike some peoples, our judgement in't clouded by a 90 proof bloodstream.

TITLE: Re: A Plea for Peace from the Red Quill
SUBMITTED: The 29th day of the 11th month
AUTHOR: Healery of Puddleby

    Good Warplet, members of the celebrated Dwarven Militia, greetings.
    The courier bearing Michael Aridfox's missive to you arrived as I sat in my study, considering how best to respond to the troubling words penned by Clan Lord Warplet. My own lengthy response therefore lies crumpled on the hearth, for I find the Master Scholar's words so nearly paralleling my own, and so much more eloquently phrased, that it would be but a waste of parchment to copy them out for all.
    I hold the position of Soulguider of the Fellowship of the Red Quill. I suppose that makes me part of the "leadership," such as it is. But it is not my role, nor that of anyone in our group, to dictate the intellectual or ethical decisions of another, whether they be in the Fellowship or not. In the end, each of us must answer for his own actions. Speaking, as ever, only for myself, I value scholarly freedom more highly than structure, all the more so in the face of the continuing efforts of the Mad One to extinguish its light from the world.
    There are powers in the world far stronger and more malevolent than any might hope to stand against alone. Let us not pursue the path of division and thus lose half the battle before it is ever joined. If you know of a danger to Puddleby, we must uncover the truth and fight against any threat side by side. I am all too well acquainted with the evil that is the Darshak Theocracy. I assure you, with scroll, sword and moonstone will I ever battle against the Night.

-- Healery of Puddleby
    Soulguider of the Fellowship of the Red Quill


TITLE: Re: A Plea for Peace from the Red Quill
SUBMITTED: The 29th day of the 11th month
AUTHOR: A Fellow Freedom Fighter

    Attack the slave masters before they take over the world! They have secret meetings and talk about Divide and Conquer. They laugh at DM Freedom Fighters. They sent spies into other clans soon after the war and the spies are trying to get other clans to side against the DM. They have a secret plan to capture Dorin.
    This Secret Freedom Fighter cannot reveal her identity cos they will punish her severely if they learn she tries to help the DM. Or his identity in case this Secret Freedom Fighter is secretly not a female. Yeah.
    Their assassins have a list oif targets and there are a lot of short people on that list if you know what this Secret Freedom Fighter means and this Secret Freedom Fighter thinks you are NOT the drunk adlepated silly dorfs that the RQ thinks you are so you will understand what this Secret Freedom Fighter means.
    Free Vagile! End Slavery! BEER!

TITLE: Re: A Plea for Peace from the Red Quill
SUBMITTED: The 29th day of the 11th month
AUTHOR: Sadraz Lothspell

    Dear Gentlepersons,
    I see Vagile has been licking one too many lizards again, which seems to have affected her mind. Be that it may, all this talk of war between clans is most disturbing to me. I know not whether the Red Quill as a whole "supports" Lilit in the manner you suggest. Certainly I recall no general vote yea or nay whether we believe it is okay for Lilit to work with the undine.
    In my humble view until proven otherwise, Lilit is innocent of any wrongdoing. If the members of the Dwarven Militia believe that my clan sister has transgressed against the citizens of Puddleby, then make your charges and present your evidence so that all may view it in the light and adjudge her. Choose your forum, whether it be by court, mediation, arbitration, tribunal, inquisition, etc. If found guilty, I believe that the Red Quill will abide by the judgment respecting a member of the clan.
    War is not the answer, my friends. As is urged by others of my clan, let us work together in resolving this issue.
    Respectfully submitted,

--Sadraz Lothspell

TITLE: Reply to RQ
SUBMITTED: The 29th day of the 11th month
AUTHOR: Warplet of the Dwarven Militia

    I do very much regret that I did not communicate with more clarity in my last letter. Unfortunately I did not emphasize my main point enough judging by your most kind reply.
    I do understand that your fine organization is but a fellowship of scholars. What I did not make clear though was the heart of the matter. In calling yourselves a clan many in Puddleby will tend to treat you like the other clans. They will believe that you are all like minded individuals not just how you have a calling to scholarship. As I said, what your clan has is mostly a perception problem. Had you chosen to form an organization of scholars and called yourselves anything but a clan, methinks ye would be perceived differently.
    My main point was thus. There are many in the community that view the RQ's inaction regarding Lilit as support for her studies. There is growing sentiment that we as a community must do something before Lilit grows more powerful. Certainly ye must see the potential for strife inherent in this situation?
    My clan and I certainly understand the need to provide an atmosphere of learning where exiles are free to study what they wish. When the knowledge obtained from study is used to the detriment of our fellow exile, we must protest.
    As for evidence in the assassination attempt against Tarf, I'm sad to say that many in the RQ have been listed as suspects. Since the evidence does not come to me first hand, there is a long process ahead of us. I have appointed a representative to conduct a full investigation into this matter.
    Regarding evidence of a Lilit/Darshak alliance I regret to say that I can not divulge where my information comes from or what exactly I know. Due to my position I sometimes come about information that is not widely known. The only way that I can continue to gain knowledge in this way is that I guarantee the anonymity of my sources. At this time the source of my information is more important to me than anything that would be gained from revealing what I know. Tis a sad necessity that the best information can not be used.
    I must admit to a most deep dislike for the foul Darshak that likely colors my view. The foul miscreants continue to rob the town of shipments of beer despite efforts to stop them. I must admit that it's possible for these things to cause me to interpret the information I have differently than others would. Nevertheless, the information I have comes from a source that I would trust me life to.
    For the good of Puddleby,

    Son of Ironforge, Decendant of Zorax, House of Zarganax
    Dwarven Militia Clan Lord

TITLE: Re: Reply to RQ
SUBMITTED: The 3rd day of the 12th month
AUTHOR: Math of the Dwarven Militia

    The Red Quill clouds the issue when they say "mind your own business!" and claim that we are trying to involve ourselves in RQ's inner administration. The fact of the matter is that RQ struck the first blow against DM. Furthermore, when we see a clan as a threat to our members and to all of Puddleby, we will not stand idly by. Thus our appeal. I do personally believe that the True and Gentle Knights are truly True and Gentle. DM and TaGK forever! I feel that they are of good alignment like ourselves and should do something about the evil in their clan before their clan becomes so hateful to the rest of us that all of Puddleby rises up against them. It is known to me that some knights have left the Red Quill completely and founded the Guard of the Golden Tree.
    That is my own personal take on the issue and must be taken as such... I am not as diplomatic as my brother Warplet. Regards, and best wishes to all.

    Math, Son of Ironforge of the House of Zorax
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