TITLE: "Magical and maginificent Being"
SUBMITTED: The 24th day of the 10th month
AUTHOR: Bill The Cat

    "As I was trying to save Psycho, after getting killed, by pushing him to town, I unfortunately went out of the screen and when I came back I was in another screen. I frantically searched around for him but had no success, and also ended up in a large group of creatures. They could not hit me, until I swung at them...   All of a sudden out of no where I heard battle, but could not see from whence it came, then I saw it. A small flashing ball of light was KILLING the creatures. Upon finishing them off, it healed me nearly intantely. Being the fool I am I died again trying to leave, and AGAIN the Magical entity saved me. The third time I got caught I was able to free myself this time and I continued looking for Psycho. Sadly I got a message from Psycho saying he had to depart. I shall be forever grateful, and in debt to the Magical and maginificent Being."

Sincerely Bill The Cat.
TITLE: "The city of Puddleby is a little less safe today..."
SUBMITTED: The 24th day of the 10th month
AUTHOR: Vequalir

    The city of Puddleby is a little less safe today.  Not only must we defend ourselves from the constant invasions of creatures threatening our town, but we now also have to be on the lookout for thieves.  This afternoon, a thief took it upon himself to liberate well over 10,000 cp from a number of different people in the town square today.  Unfortunately for me, the thief seems to prey mostly on healers, and I found my entire life savings missing in the matter of a few minutes.  In addition to myself, this tricky thief took advantage of Altos, Apollo, Chaos, Lydia, and TC Healer.
    When the crime had been committed, it took us a while to figure out what had happened.  Once we found out more than one of us was missing money, we put the pieces together and discovered a common thread.  We all had contact with a young Sylvan name Weasel.  He bumped, touched, and pushed all of us, and while doing so, he picked our pockets clean.  Once we discovered his name and description, the chase was on...
    A number of good citizens of Puddleby turned out to help us track down Weasel, but he lead us on a wild chase.  He ran all over the place, he was spotted in the East Field, the Northeast Field, and the North Beach.  It was
here that Darkmos nearly caught up with him, but Weasel has many tricks up his sleeve and escaped his grasp.  He was then spotted in the South Beach, and believe it or not, he had the nerve to show his face in Puddleby again!  By this time, I was having no luck in finding him, but I finally got a glimpse of him leaving Puddleby and fleeing through the South Forest.  He escaped me easily, but I did use my sunstone to send out a call for help.  It turns out he was headed for the desert so he headed for the mirror to the castle and then took the mirror to the desert.  He escaped our pursuit at this point, but we had a plan.  With a number of good people, I patiently waited in the castle for his return.  But, he never came back through the desert mirror, he was too smart for that.  I can only assume he braved the skeletons in the well and came out in the South Forest.  After running for quite a while, he must have been to feeling the pains of exhaustion, so he then began to search for a spot to hide.  He must have found one, because a few minutes later, confident in his new hiding place, he started taunting us with his sunstone.  It turns out he was a little too confident because soon thereafter Galen and TChealer broke into the Park and discovered Weasel's little hideout.  With a little quick thinking, Galen tripped him up and the chase was over.
    With Weasel captured, many in the town of Puddleby began showing up in the park to help sit in judgement of Weasel's crimes.  When I arrived a few minutes later, I noticed something, It turns out I knew him.  Weasel is the nephew of Fleming, the Clan Lord of the Emerald Legion of the Forest, of which I am a member.  I have seen him a few times while visiting Fleming, but he always seemed to steer clear of me.  What I did not know until today is that Weasel has been allergic to moonstones since birth.  I guess this explains why he was nervous around me.
    Once the victims showed up to the park, we forced Weasel to return the money he has stolen.  He did not want to at first, but the crowd of vengeance hungry people soon convinced him otherwise.  Fleming appeared a few minutes later to scold his nephew for turning to crime and to perhaps make sure that his nephew was being treated fairly.  Once all accounts were settled we lead Weasel to jail and decided that he should spend 3 days there contemplating his actions.
    Why Weasel turned to crime, I do not know.  Puddleby is a land of opportunity that a good fighter or healer can make all the money they need, perhaps Weasel did not want to work hard for his money and wanted it to be given to him.  One thing is for certain, keep good track of your moneybag these days, especially when Weasel gets out of jail.


TITLE: "The Queen comes to town"
SUBMITTED: The 25th day of the 10th month.
AUTHOR: John the Junkie

    Tonight Tara (and I, Gleb, Salvador and Noivad) brought the Queen Myrm to  town for a royal visit. We also wanted to keep Mai happy and make a great  start for her zoo - if the Queen was willing to stay for a while.
    Luckily the Rising Clan battle artist tagged along so I have some  pictures of the royal visit.
    Me leading the Queen on a tour of Puddleby farms where  she inspected our agricultural techniques and sampled a few farmers:

    Me leading the Queen on the start of her triumphal entry into town:
    Suddenly, as we tried to take the Queen to meet the Sentinel she stopped moving and stood her ground. She then proceeded to hiss at us! This was news to us experienced visitors to the hive as we all believed the Queen to be mute.  At this point she also started sampling inexperienced exiles who upset her.
    Suddenly the "speech" she was uttering became clear! She was calling on  her minions for help. Suddenly we had waves of farmers, workers and  scouts trying to free the Queen! They did not march into Puddleby, but  teleported in around her! We did not know we had given offense. Somehow,  due to the language barriers she must have thought we meant her harm! As  can be seen, I was soon in the midst of battle defending our town.
   It became apparent that diplomacy had failed, so I and some others  decided to end the presence of the Queen in town as quickly as possible. I believe this was none to soon as we were suddenly attacked by a wave of protectors (one can only surmise that if we had not killed her we would have had warriors, nobles and royals to deal with). As I turned around to talk to Meab after helping kill the Queen you can see Tara make the under statement of the evening!
    This attempt of diplomacy may have failed but we do now know the Queen can communicate with her minions over great distances and can quickly  summon their aid by teleporting them to her!

Be warned.

John the Junkie, Lord
Clan Rising Claw

TITLE: "Lord Krake's Quest to the Forgotten Cemetary"
SUBMITTED: The 18th day of the 10th month.
AUTHOR: Lord Krake

    This was written because I want to find any traces of vampires, because of personal reasons.  I decided to share my quest with the rest of the world. (Note: There is proof that vampires (though rare) do exist on this island.  For those lucky enough to see the one that killed nearly 30 people (without taking a scratch) in the cavern, you know of there threat as well)

Day 1
    It was a long hard day.  I first heard of the Cemetary in the Mirror Hall, when too people were talking about where they get grey shirts.  I asked about the Cemetary, and if they could guide me to it.  All they said was that they didnít want to go back to ìthat hell-holeî ever again.  I later asked someone I just met that day, Delta, if he could guide me there.  He reluctantly said yes.
    So we jumped through the portal to the swamp (it is supposedly somewhere there), and he told me to follow his every move.  We were doing well until we were ambushed by a pack of Lair Gaurdians, and we got seperated.  This is when I then met Fuyu.
    We talked for a while, while she healed me up.  Soon enough, Delta showed up again, and said that I needed some more training before I could ever survive the graveyard.  Humbled, but still determined, I left in search of the crazy old hermit, so he could fill me with his wisdom.  Sadly, on the way to his hut, I was slain by some more Lair Gaurdians.  I layed around for around an hour, moaning for help, but I finally made my spirit depart my body.
    In the center of town, I met up with two healers, who were definatly inept (names have not been mentioned to protect the inept).  We decided to form a party, and we headed to the marsh once again.  The situation sadly turned ugly.  Having never seen the marsh or Meshra before, the two healers freaked and ran off, not knowing the intricacies  of the marsh (I still havenít found them.  They are currently assumed dead).
    Luckily, I met up with some people who actually knew what they were doing.  It was a party comprised of Arod, Phaerbox, Genrilan, and once again, Fuyu (sheís been spending a lot of time in the marsh).  We fought some meshra off for a while, until a whole horde of Lair Gaurdians came, and we were forced to run, splitting each other up from one another.
    I had taken a lot of damage, and I wouldnít last that long against Green Meshra, even less a Winged Snake.  I began my hunt for the Insane Hermits hut again, hoping heíd let me crash there for the night.  Unfortunatly, I was boxed in by three Lair Gaurdians and a Green Meshra, and died an ugly death.  After around half an hour, I almost gave up hope for any rescue, until, out of no where, Fuyu comes running into view!  But she was being chased by several Meshras, and had to just keep running.  I then waited another fifteen minutes, and she did run back.  She healed me up, and we ran over to the Hermits Hut, where we called for Arod.  In no time, Arod was there.  The two of them planned a way to get out of the marsh, but I told them I was staying in the marsh.  They said OK and left.
    I then turned to the Hermit, to ask if he knows where the cemetary is.  In return I got a lot of physco babble, and I decided to leave him with his troubles.  For a long while I journeyed throughout the swamp, trying to find any peculiar areas.  In my search, I was spit out into the South South Forest, where I was attacked by around five Artak Cougars and eight Island Cougars.  Right before I died, I ran to the South South South Forest, where I ran into an equally dead Fuyu!
    We both yelled for help, until four fighters, Zilo, The Ranger, Bill, and Alcades came to our rescue.  They assured us that a healer was coming.  It ended up being an old buddy that I hadnít seen for months, Hemp!  He quickly healed up Fuyu, who quickly healed me up.  We then made some small talk, until it was time for him to go.  I once again ventured into the marsh, finding my way to the Hermits hut, where I write this from.  I hope my winged carrier snake gets this to you.  I will give you day two of this adventure when it comes around.

  Lord Krake

TITLE: Lord Krake's Quest For the Cemetary
SUBMITTED: The 19th day of the 10th month.
AUTHOR: Lord Krake
Day 2
    Today was even more unsuccesful in my quest to find the Cemetary.  After a little while of searching, I knew I could never find the Cemetary without any information.  I then went through the long trek back to Puddelby, getting mauled by Artaks all along the way, until I finally made my way to the town square.  There, I met the famed artist and healer, Lydia.  We made a little small talk, and she agreed to go to the cemetary with me after being told how to get there by someone whoís name escapes me (thanks to whoever it was).
    So we went down to the special marsh opening that it ends up I missed.  Right outside, I was sadly seriously wounded by several Island Cougars, but the ever great Lydia saved me several times.  After I was healed to recovery, we jumped into the swamp.
    One thing that I didnít mention: The weather was terribly Laggy.  I shouldíve known back at town that it was too dangerous to venture out anywhere, especially the marsh (believe me, the marsh is a place you DO NOT want to die)!  But I was determined, and that blinded me.  But I soon paid the price of ignorance.
    Just as I stepped into the marsh, I was caught up in the terrible weather, and was carried into a Detached Spirit (yes, this definatly wasnít your typical marsh).  I was killed quickly, with no chance to fight back.  I also suffered from temporary blindness that often occurs with Laggy weather.  I could only feel Lydia healing me, and biting pain in my sides.  After a while, I suddenly blacked out.
    Now this completely befuddles me.  When I woke up, I was in the insane hermits hut.  How I got there, I am unsure of.  I assume that Lydia brought me there (To Lydia: If you did, thanks for that and everything else!), but I wonít be sure until I ask her.  And that was the day.  I headed back to town and crashed at a pub, and Iím currently writing this from there.  Tomarrow, hopefully, Iíll be able to reach my destination.

  Lord Krake

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