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Born of Dwarven aristocracy (which in itself is almost an oxymoron), Ptolemy Ko'reiljaen (pronounced tole·me koo·rel·jan) grew up unlike most other Dwarves. An education was of utmost importance to his parents. At the age of 5, a former assistant to an Inquisitor was hired to teach him the ways of the world. I say former, because this particular assistant was near exiled by his superior for attempting to rescue a baby Dwarf from exile. He used his knowledge to avoid the thick-headed Dark Sentinels, and fled to the Sword of the World mountains. Anyway, for a mere 75 coppers a week, Ptolemy learned of words, then objects, then places, and finally magics over the period of 11 years.

One day, when Ptolemy was around 14, a robed man posing as a servant entered the Ko'reiljaen house in the early evening. The lamps were still off, to conserve oil. He snuck upon Ptolemy's father--

"I know you have been teaching your son the secrets of magic."

Frightened, he replied, "Who are you?"

"My name is not important. I come as a representative of the Rua'n Famkul. We have seen you teaching the secrets only a select few should know. I have come to decide if Ptolemy is worthy."

"You've been watching us??"

"Surely you know that magic has many powers. We can sense when a new entity holds the power. We can also observe them, from afar. This, too, is not important. I must take Ptolemy with me to test him."

He had been given fair warning. The robed figure ran to Ptolemy's bedroom, and teleported him far away. For six months, Ptolemy's mental ability, pride, honesty, charity, honor, and finally physical strength were tested. He returned as swiftly as he left, much to the delight of his parents. Ptolemy never spoke of his testing to anyone, including his parents, but it was always assumed that he "passed." To Ptolemy, this was his rite of passage into adulthood.

At 16, the assistant used his treasure to buy himself a new life with the Emperor and the Inquisitors. This posed a problem to Ptolemy's family, because the only other scholars in the mines of the Sword of the World mountains were Ghorak Zo battle trainers and Dwarven ore experts. He still had much to learn. His father had learned of the large number of scholars and mages exiled to the Lok'Groton island chain, and decided to send his son there willingly.

They somehow managed to book him passage in a Darshak freighter vessel's cargo hold, where he slept among goats and beer for several days before arriving on Ash Island. Ptolemy's smuggler then gave him a small boat, which he used to row to the village of Puddleby. It's then when he noticed that he no longer had the comforts and luxuries of home. He longed for silverware, soft bedding. More importantly, he longed for knowledge.

Ptolemy met with Ma'ta, the Mystic, and told him his desires. Upon proving himself worthy of acceptance, he became an Apprentice Mystic. His Dwarven instincts of battle had always been with him, and now armed with a lot of wisdom and a trusty axe, he fights bravely among the Exiles. One day, he shall return to his parents, no longer a child... but a wise man.

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