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BEER to all:

This is the story of how Krandor Pisk of Mishkor Val came to the town of Puddleby. It is a tale that even as I tell it makes my blood boil and at the same saddens my heart. This is one of the reasons I have learned to drink beer. The tale is long but I will make it as short as possible and skip minor points.

Mishkor Val was a small kingdom located on an eastern continent known as Aevendale. The Pisk family had been the rulers of Aevendale for as long as anyone could remember. We were a quiet people that enjoyed life and prospered through trade and commerce. The ruler of Mishkor Val was none other than my father Perlus Pisk. My mothers name was Korelia. I was their 8th child out of 10. The following is a list of the children of Perlus and Korelia, an once proud and noble family:

  1. Prince Perlus, heir to the throne (first born son always name Perlus)
  2. Prince Felandor
  3. Princess Jael
  4. Princess Tamar
  5. Princess Jasper
  6. Prince Rodlon
  7. Prince Felton
  8. Prince Krandor
  9. Princess Culvar
  10. Prince Torgon

I loved my family very much and I could tell you about each one but that would take too long. Maybe some day I will write a book for all to know of the glory of Mishkor Val. In our kingdom was a very wise and capable man that went by the name of Arlen Greymantle. He was constantly seeking a way to turn lead into gold. My father allowed his experiments never realizing what doom it would bring to us. One day Arlen excitedly approached my father saying he had actually succeeded in turning lead into glass? The result was a glass that was extremely strong but much lighter. My father told him to reveal how this was done to noone else but he. The substance was named Arlenite.

My fathers most trusted advisor was a fiend named Nathan Bittlethorn, Nathan Bittelthorn proved to not be such a trusted advisor. He in fact informed the Emperor of this new substance called Arlenite. The Emperor amassed his armies and attacked our kingdom seeking the secret of Arlenite for himself. Although a peaceful kingdom Mishkor Val was no pushover. The intial attack was thwarted and the forces of the Emperor were pushed back into the sea whence they came.

There was no rejoicing over this victory though for I had lost 2 brothers in the battle. Felton fell when an arrow pierced him in the heart. Felandor fell when his regiment was surrounded and he was cut down before we could reach him. Many of Mishkor Val fell.

The Emperor returned a year later and this time bombarded us with magic. We had no knowledge of magic or how to defend against it. Soon we had retreated into the Keep of Mishkor Val. We had a year to prepare though and the defenses we ready. Also weapons of Arlenite were at our disposal. Arlenite swords, spikes, javelins and arrows. Very strong and kept our enemies at bay.

Once again Nathan Bittlethorn proved an enemy when one late night he and his personal guards slew the guards at the gate and opened them up to the waiting forces of the Emperor. Although the gate was compromised the fighting lasted for four days until at last the armies of Mishkor Val were defeated. The Emperor had an endless supply of men and fell beasts where as Mishkor Val a small kingdom with limited manpower.

The rest is very hard to tell and I weep as I write these words but all should know of the evil of the Emperor. The Emperor demanded the secret from my father and Arlen Greymantle with threat of torture. Arlen proved to be a loyal subject and realizing he may not be able to withstand torture took poison and thus died with the secret. Thereafter my father was closely watched as Nathan Bittlethorn informed the Emperor that my father was the only one left who knew of the secret.

For 30 days I was thrown into a cell not knowing what was happening to my family. At the end of this 30 days I was brought before the Emperor and the was the rest of my family. Although I was joyful that they were all still alive my joy was soon to end. I was obvious that for those 30 days my father had been tortured. He looked so worn and tired. The Emperor then told my father to reveal the secret. He of course refused. (\actions weeps heavily). The Emperor then slew my mother before all of our eyes. The anguish was intense. Still my father would not reveal. One by one my family was slaughtered. When finally he reached me my father agreed. He said that he required a quill as to right down the formula. When the quill was given him he actually plunged the quill into his throat and died. I and my surviving sister and brother wept bitterly.

Realizing that the secret was gone the Emperor condemed us to exile. As I wept the guards let down their watch. I seized the opportunity and leapt upon Nathan Bittlethorn and snapped his neck this the chains that bound my hands. The Emperor then laughed and thanked me for handling his problem. For once a man betrays another he will betray again.

I and the family I had left was forced to watch as the Kingdom of Mishkor Val was lead into exile. 972,000 people led off in chains mostly women and children. I will not go into details of the atrocities commited upon the people of my land. The Keep and all the land was sacked. I, Culvar and Torgon were put on a ship bound for where we knew not. The trip was long and the ship was crowded. Sickness was everywhere and my baby brother Torgon soon took ill. Culvar and I tried to take care of him. Giving him most of the food and water but he died. The guards threw him overboard and I was left with my sister.

When the boat came to rest on an island I know not where my sister and other of the women were taken. The ship was then once again set to sea. I miss my sister greatly and someday I will return. The next time I saw land it was the coast of this fair Island.

This is my sad story. I have found joy amongst my new family the Dwarven Militia. One day I will return and find my sister. I will kill the Emperor and restore the glory of Mishkor Val.

Krandor Pisk of Mishkor Val

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