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Loki Mage

Hello fellow Exile! Welcome to my tale! Grab some ale and rest your legs while I tell you my story.

I was born in the Dwarven Forged Mountains, named after the longest standing Dwarven Mountainland, that housed about 60,000 Dwarven heads. These Mountains were located by the Moonfelled Mountains, with their mysterious Thoom of about 30,000 heads. These two mountain ranges protected a Water Sylvan Colony of about 50,000 heads, as shown here:

Map of the vicinity where Hax Fireborn lived.

There 3 races lived in harmony. We Dwarves in the 'Dwarven Forged Mountains', the Water Sylvan in the Seaborn Lake, and the Thoom in the Moonfelled Mountains. We were hard to besiege, for each race was good at one of the 'Professions'. We Dwarves at Fighting, the Sylvan at Healing, and the Thoom at Spell-Casting.

The day I was born, the 3rd day of The Hammer, 32 NDW (New Dwarven Reckoning) was the day that the 'Daemonfuge' was forged. This blade hewed threw Orc necks like an Sylvan Arrow through cloth. The forger of the weapon, my father, Olvar Fireborn was once asked with which he was happier with that day. Forging an Axe of Kings, or having a son. To which he replied "If I was to choose which to lose my life over, my son would win tenfold. Axes come and go, yet the love for one's family is undying."

My mother, Tren Forgeblazer, was a smart woman. She grew herbs in her garden and kept to herself. Oh! The garden! Her beautiful garden! When one walked in there, they would be filled with peace and joy. The townspeople would come to buy herbs from her, and she made a good life for me.

When I came of age (60 in Human Years) I was set out to speak with Pasaryn, leader of the Greymyr. I was to find out what they knew about Mobius and the Sentinels.

NOTE: These Greymyr were friendly to us, ever since Harant Boldfled saved one from a tribe of Orcs.

When I found him, we talked briefly about the coming of the Sentinels and the evil Mobius. He told me that the Sentinels were pure evil, and their sole purpose was to stop the Greymyr. This despaired us, for there were reports of Mobius's war efforts turning towards us.

I returned to tell the King, Bowli Shadowfast. We was despaired at the news, and he ordered all of our efforts into preparing for war. He sent ambassadors to the Water Sylvan and Thoom to warn them and ask for help.

Five years passed, then the day came.

I heard the trumpets at about 4 Dwarven Standard Time. The sun was just touching the peaks of the Moonfelled Mountains. I ran to my closet and put on some clothes to see what was happening. To the Watch Tower I went first. There I found Olec Forgescarr, white as a ghost.

"Greetings Olec! What seems to be the matter?" I asked him, he replied with a point of his finger eastwards. I looked, and there stood an army of Men upon great beasts, behind them Orcs as far as the eye could see.

"He comes, Hax. He comes for us all..." Olec stammered.

"Gather your wits and report to the King! I shall hold your position while you go!" I ordered him, and he complied. "May the Divine Forger* bless us!" I thought to myself.

They came to our gates 2 DSTs later, by that time the help from The Water Sylves and the Thoom had come. The Water Sylves set their archers upon our battalions and their healers behind our stout warriors. The Thoom had gathered their War Mystics and set them on the top of our mountain so that they might reign fiery death upon the evil below them. Then there was waiting.

I adjusted all the straps on my armor, checked my Axe, and got a better position for holding my shield. We were in the main hall before the gate, my legion. That was when we heard a sound from the very pits of the Abyss. It was like a thousand death screams. The gate lurched open, pulled apart by an Unholy Spell from the enemy. There was nothing left to do but charge.

We screamed a Battle Oath to the Divine Forger and sprang forth. The sight of us must have been ghastly; 10,000 Dwarven Warriors pouring out of a hole Axes raised. Some Archers came out behind us, their Longbows whistling. When we reached the enemy they had been ready for us. Both sides took heavy casualties. I kept my Sunstone near my chest so that I could here what I should do. A certain Sylf thought to me and said 'There's something odd going on, off to your left. Get a few Dwarves to follow me. I have Afasr and Yttas with me. Bring a Mystic, too."

I thought to him "I don't even know who you are!"

His reply "I am Syklle, in your speech."

"I will be there, Syklle." I grabbed Oti and Oxix and told them to follow me. I then ran up to a powerful looking Thoom and explained what was happening. He said he would follow me.

We met near some trees away from the battle a ways. Syklle bade us to follow him, so we did. We walked for one forth of a league until we heard a death cry from some Unnatural Beast. There we saw him. Grymspyre, a Spirit Lord. He was talking with Mobius in a language unknown to us. It seemed that Athel could understand it, and he didn't like it one bit.

We debated about what we should do, then Athel said he would call out for everything Holy he could. It would drain everyone in the party, but everything Holy in the land would hear it.

I woke up with Grymspyre bending over me, breathing steaming hot air through his nostrils. I cringed in fear. I noticed the bodies of my friends torn apart by me. I gripped something in my left hand....it was....Daemonfuge!

Instinct took hold of me and I swung at the head of Grymspyre with all my might. His body was launched from me. Then I got a good look at him. He was like a giant skinless lizard. His bones were held together by something unknown of in this land. He hissed at me,"You! You wield the Daemonfuge!? But that cannot be! I killed that fool 'King'!" A hot burst of rage came inside me when he insulted my Lord. "Now I shall kill you, like I killed him!"

Grymspyre, the evil Spirit Lord.

"NO!!!!!" I screamed out. He launched his body at me, I closed my eyes and waited for my death. Instead of hearing every bone in my body being broken, I heard the sound of rock hitting bone. I opened my eyes and there stood Pasaryn, his arm splintered in two. He had swung at Grymspyre, to save my life. He had given his life for me.

I erupted in rage as Pasaryn fell to his knees. I flew towards Grymspyre, badly hurt from the punch. I swung and swung until I was pulled off by Pasaryn. He said to me, "He is dead, friend. His life is gone, and so is mine...I must go now, remember me!" He died then, the most Noble anything I have ever met. I cried.

We were defeated the next day, and I was captured. They killed most everyone. They decided that Death was too good for me, so they exiled me to the Lok'Groton islands. I have lived here for a while, practicing on a forge I have bought. It is hard, living every day through. Keeping the knowledge of all that had happened.

As a wise Dwarf once said:

"If every day was as good as the best, where would we find time to get lost in a tankard of ale?"



Hax Fireborn (Hax Fireborn)

*the Divine Forger is the patron God of Dwarves. He is thought to be the forger of the world. His 'proper' name is Mordax.

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