Greetings, traveller! I, Math, have scribed many, many scrolls during the course of my stay in the Lok' Groton islands, but this is nearest to my heart. The pragmatic wisdom of Dwarven priests is spoken of far and wide, and the priesthood is especially common in my family, the House of Zorax. My lifelong ambition has always been to become a priest, wise in the ways of Gaia and close to Her in my heart. For such I have striven my whole life.

Why Gaia? Though in my homeland we know Her by another name ("Mordax"), She is the same everywhere: the Earth Goddess, the mother of us all. Gaia has always been by far the single most important figure of Dwarven worship. This is because of our strong attachment to the Earth. Strong and unwavering, ever steadfast beneath our feet, we know that Gaia will always be here for us to shelter and protect, to nurture and grow. We also know that the Dwarven Militia was founded through the direct intervention and initiative of Gaia Herself. None other than Gaia can be said to be the Founder of the True Dwarven Clan.

The Followers of Gaia serve many purposes. One is to teach others about Gaia and the good She can do for those who trust in Her. Understanding in the Ways of Gaia can lead to ultimate harmony in the soul of any of the Children, and the Children can then attain perfectly the tasks set for them. Another purpose of the Followers of Gaia is to do good works and acts of healing and charity. In this we mirror Gaia Herself as much as we are able, in order that balance may be achieved in this Her realm.

With the gracious support of the people of Puddleby, a beautiful temple to Gaia has been constructed. Herein we are able to offer up worship and praise to Gaia, greatest of the Gods. It also serves as a quiet sanctuary from the tumultous life outside; a place for learning and understanding. The nave of the temple is open to all exiles of good intent, though it is asked that all weapons remain in their sheathes. The Inner Sanctuary is a private place for those whom have already proven themselves to be True Followers. Speak to the acolytes in the nave for more information.

More information shall be forthcoming on these scrolls. Included will be tales of when Gaia created the world, tales of Her deeds in these islands in our age, the teachings of Her faith, and more.

Here is a small poem about Gaia.